Andy is killing me this morning. He’s taking a break between school lessons (so I can do laundry – yeah, right). I can hear him in the kitchen making a movie with the Flip Camera he received for his birthday. I can’t quite figure out the plot, but it appears to be a low-budget flick. Instead of actually “doing” action scenes, he is stopping every few minutes and saying in a deadpan voice “Violence. Violence. Violence.” And then he goes back to his monologue. I know I should probably be worried, but it’s just too funny.

In other news, my laundry pile is officially huge – it’s up to my shoulder right now. And, I’m afraid of it so I’m hiding here by the computer. I’ve tried leaving cookies for the Laundry Fairy with no luck. I’m contemplating leaving a bottle of wine and some nice cheese out there to see if that works any better. I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “Violence!

  1. Now I hope we get to see that movie. And keep praying, the Laundry Fairy may be a little late because she had lots of extra work at my house, but I’m sure she’s on her way by now. 😉

  2. Hey, I’ll be the laundry fairy if it involves wine and cheese. And why does the Violence video thing sound so much like something one of my boys would do???!? I have one who wants to be the next dictator of Cuba. I don’t know why.

  3. We have matching laundry piles.1/3 of our clothes are in the closets/drawers.1/3 of our clothes are dirty1/3 of our clothes are on our bed folded and in baskets, unfolded and in overflowing baskets

  4. How funny! Will you be posting his movie for us to see?I just got done with the Laundry Fairy and am sending her your way. Don’t give her much wine or the little tart will run off with cupid and leave you hanging.

  5. It must be laundry week. Mine’s mostly done, but sitting in baskets unfolded. Tomorrow I will turn the tv on and fold, fold, fold until it’s done.

  6. My laundry fairy joined a labor union. Demanding more pay and benefits. We are in a stand off. I will cave when scary teenager runs out of clean undies!

  7. You guys are so funny! Gail, the socks are in the sock basket – unsorted, inside out and totally neglected. The “sock” is still next to my computer and no one is showing signs of budging on this. I may just have to paint the stupid sock to match the floor. Deanna – I waited all day. Next time, I’ll email you. Your son and Andy sound like a great match. We’ll drink wine and they can take over Cuba. And, gee, who wouldn’t want to be the dictator of Cuba? I will ask Andy’s permission to how you guys the movie. It’s BAD and makes no sense, but it’s worth watching for the violence, violence, violence.

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