Passive-Aggressive Gardening

Happy Valentine’s Day. Mike and Andy planted a small garden a few months ago and are now harvesting their carrots. Sure, they claim they love me and would never do anything to cause me undue stress. But, actions speak louder than words. Imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to a counter full of these. It’s bad enough that chicken looks like chicken. It’s bad enough that birds stalk me at fast-food drive-thrus. Now I have to co-exist with avian vegetables? I’m not feeling the love.

6 thoughts on “Passive-Aggressive Gardening

  1. What the heck? I’ve never seen such things. Multiples? Seriously?! Did you taste them? Do they taste like regular carrots? I’m just DYING to know!

  2. OMG, no way! I saw that on your profile pic and figured you or Andie had just googled some off the wall picture for it. ROFLOL! I cannot believe they grew that! Just for you! (Better you than me. Sorry.)

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