Valentine’s Day

See the purty flowers Mike picked out for me? We have been budgeting big-time lately and were not supposed to get each other anything. But, from what I heard, after an early morning visit to the library, Andy shamed Mike into flowers and making my favorite (hmmm they’re Andy and Mike’s favorites too) cookies – oatmeal, chocolate chip, butterscotch. (Everyone, in your best Homer Simpson voice … “mmmmmmm breakfast of champions)

Valentine’s Day was a little scary – Danny drove his friend-that-is-a-girl to the beach (with a delcious picnic he’d made on his own in tow). It was his first solo trip to the beach and to say Mike and I were twitchy all afternoon would be a huge understatement. But, Dan and the-friend-that-is-a-girl lived and appeared to have had a nice, but WAY chilly day. Ian spent the weekend camping. Tim is (blessedly) between friends-that-are-girls and Andy doesn’t care.

That evening, Mike and I were invited (much to the outrage of the boys) for dinner at my parents! We ordered pizza for the boys and just left. Weird, weird, weird. The last time Mike and I had dinner with my parents on our own was about 17 years ago! How crazy is that? It’s not that we don’t see my parents, we have just always had kids with us the past couple of decades.

I’m a goober and didn’t think to bring my camera. We arrived and my mom had set the most beautiful table – the fancy table, no less! Good china, crystal, flowers, just grown up stuff. We had snacks on the porch followed by an amazing dinner of Filet Mignon, gorgeous mushrooms, Caesar salad,baked potatoes and really good wine. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had.

We ate and ate (I actually finished Mike’s steak – full moon? not sure, but the carnivore in me was definitely on the prowl) and talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. Then we ate cake – delicious German Chocolate cake that we can’t usually have at home because it might kill our twins. Did I mention there were olives floating around too? (I know, I’m asking myself why I came home too!)

We are so lucky to have my parents and to get along with them so well. Some of it is personality, for sure. We always have joked that if Mike and I got divorced, my parents would get custody of Mike. Mike and I never forget it, but nights like Valentine’s night make us REALLY appreciate them all the more.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a really, really wonderful night!

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