Hello Dali!

Today was a field trip! I miss field trips, we used to do a lot more when the older boys were younger. Today, we grabbed Bing and headed to St. Petersburg to visit the Salvador Dali museum. It’s a 2+ hour drive, but we had snacks and drinks and Harry Potter on tape, so it was all good.

The older boys have been learning about Dali the past couple of weeks and Andy is just weird so he was game. I have only visited the museum one other time and that was over ten years ago. WOW! It is just amazing to see this stuff in person. We were there for a few hours and it was really fun to hear the boys’ reactions to the works.

Now, if you are the sort that blacks out the naughty bits in your art books, this is not a museum for you. Honestly, though, Dali was just so flipping weird that you stop seeing boobs about three minutes into the museum. And, there’s just so much in every picture that the nudity wasn’t an issue at all. It was fun that everyone had their own favorite piece.

We tagged along a tour group and the docent did a great job explaining the very large paintings. Leaving, we stopped to take some pictures. For a Wednesday afternoon, the museum was crowded. Lots of tour buses. The bus stop sign post was a popular picture-taking spot. I guess that’s where everyone leaves their admission stickers when they’re done. Andy left his mark as well.

We were all pretty quiet on the trip home – lots to absorb! Next time you’re near St. Pete, make it a point to stop by this museum. You don’t have to love Dali’s art to appreciate his work.

5 thoughts on “Hello Dali!

  1. Ah, I love him. I saw an amazing exhibit in Venice, back a hundred years ago. I was most amazed by his early, pretty stuff. I mean, who knew he did pretty? I love that he was clearly having fun. That goes a long way with me. Jackson Pollack was a miserable ass. Salvador Dali really, really enjoyed being Salvador Dali. And, of course, extra points for fanciful facial hair.

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