The Beauty of Bookshelves ….

I LOVE bookshelves. That would explain much about our relatively small house. 1400 sq ft, each bedroom has at least one set of bookshelves. The general living space NOW has seven floor-to-ceiling shelves built by Mike and the boys. They just recently built three new shelves (to get us up to seven) and I’ve been puttering around trying to figure the best way to arrange the books.

For now, I’ve put all the fiction in the living room/library area and the reference/school-type books in the kitchen/dining space. The kids helped me sort things today, but they don’t appreciate the beauty of my system. :::sigh:::

Smoke-wise? My “new” quit date is Sunday, the 22nd. I feel like I have a better plan in place… Cross your fingers, say a prayer and smash a bottle of champagne over my head. I’m sorry to drag you all through this mess, but thanks for sticking around.

7 thoughts on “The Beauty of Bookshelves ….

  1. Love the bookshelves… do your magic elves want to come here and build me some? *smile*Re: quitting smoking… You can do it! Just try and keep fore front all the reasons why you want to stop… and dont let set backs stall you. You can do this thing!!

  2. They are lovely! I love the look of bookshelves with free space on them, because then you know you will have the fun of Filling them Up!

  3. Those bookshelves are delicious. Feel free to send those carpenter elves over here . . . I have lots and lots of books that need better homes than the boxes in the garage are allowing. Here’s to Sunday being the day you quit smoking. You’re doing great. Hang in there!

  4. Those book shelves are wonderful! I wish I had the room for some but my little house is only 900 square feet. Way too tiny.You’ll be able to stop smoking just don’t beat yourself up if you have to do it a few times before it “takes”. (Where does the period go?)

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