After years of searching, I found a new allergist!!! We just met with the NP today – I want to marry her – she took me seriously. She read all of the forms, asked tons of questions, LISTENED and was so sensible. Honestly, it’s a shame that it’s so hard to find a practice like this.

Ian had 125 sticks in his back this afternoon, followed by another 30 actual shots in his arm. He’s still wildly allergic to most everything that grows in Florida or blows in the air in Florida. However, there was no reaction for dogs, dairy, peanuts or tree nuts!!!!! AMAZING. He can eat nuts – my vegetarian son that has not had nuts or dairy for the past five years is free and clear. Protein! I’m actually looking forward to cooking for a group again – it gets tiresome to have to keep all the ingredients of a really good recipe apart.

The NP definitely nailed the issues Ian has been having lately and is addressing them aggressively, but with respect to my “fear” of multiple drugs. Honest, you guys, if you went by our state’s standard of days missed from school, Ian would still be in second grade. After our visit today (which included a breathing treatment, though he’s not asthmatic) Ian was like a new kid. He stayed “new” all day. He looked HUMAN when he went to bed. I keep checking his bedroom – there is only sleeping, no snoring, no gasping .. just sleep. They said the pathways through his nostrils would not accommodate a toothpick they were that swollen today and his lungs seem to be in the same shape .

I have great hopes that my happy, bright boy might come back – FINALLY. We have to keep a log for two weeks and then we see the doctor. Tomorrow, we’re off to buy some vitamins, supplements and fill prescriptions. Cross your fingers that this works. I think Ian has forgotten what it’s like to just wake up and feel good. I so want this for him.

On my part, I feel validated and un-crazy after meeting the people in this office. They understood when I explained that we had gotten rid of all carpets, all curtains, all upholstered furniture, all the bedding is covered in allergy stuff, I do laundry like a fiend – we’re doing all we can. They actually KNEW what a Neti Pot was and thought it was great that Ian was using it. They are up on alternative therapies as well as the weird “inactive” ingredients in the medicines they prescribe. It just feels so amazing to think that someone can help us get a handle on Ian’s allergy nightmare.

AND, the NP, upon seeing Tim’s initial testing stuff (when he was 10-11 – Tim wasn’t there, just his records), and then talking to me about his reactions to food – the only thing he reacts to is food dyes. She asked if I had Epi Pens, I do. She said based on his numbers, which were MUCH lower than Ian’s numbers today to let him eat what he wants and just be alert.

I picked up a bag of Reese’s PB Cups on the way home. Ian and Tim were in heaven. Not a wheeze or a hive from either of them. The relief is just amazing – I’ll continue to read labels, but I no longer have to feel like it’s a life/death situation. I KNOW we’re lucky. This new diagnosis is absolutely life-changing. Everyone cross your fingers for Ian that the new treatments work for him and he can simply get on with his life.

11 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. That’s wonderful!!It’s a great thing when you find someone who will LISTEN to you!I’ll have a peanut butter and jelly half sandwich with my soup for lunch today in celebration!!!

  2. aww this is wonderful. *fingers and toes crossed* I am so glad you found a doc that listens! Gratz on the new foods reentering your diets and the good sleep… sounds like you found a keeper of a doc.

  3. That’s such great news! I’m so glad for you to have found a doctor you can work with and that is hearing you!! And also for the new/old/now safe foods that they can both eat now too 🙂

  4. Excellent news! Have you ever checked out Butekyo? No, it’s not weird Japanese porn, but a way of retraining your breathing. It’s been really successful with folks with allergies, asthma, and apnea (how alliterative). Best of all, totally non-invasive. In the “can’t hurt, might help” category:’s just one site. You can google it or put “buteyko” into YouTube if interested.

  5. Awesome! Thankfully they outgrew it. I had a bazillion allergies as a child (could not walk on grass barefoot or nasty things happened) but I outgrew 95% of them.

  6. Thanks, guys – exciting stuff, isn’t it? Kaaren, my mom is the same as you – she outgrew most of her allergies. I’m wondering if Ian’s just a late bloomer and is finally outgrowing his stuff.Deana, thanks for the tip. I will be checking it out. Today was so encouraging! Ian was up and functional by 9 am. He was clueless when he’d finished all his school by 3 pm. (The past few months, he’s been dragging his butt out of bed at 10-11 and not finishing school until 8-9 pm) Keep your fingers crossed!

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