Goodbye, Paul Harvey.

I’m sad to learn that Paul Harvey has died. I started listening to him in the first car I drove, AM stations only, nearly 25 years ago! There was always something so constant and reassuring about his voice at given times during the day. From the time the boys were very young, we often found ourselves in the car in time to listen to “The Rest of the Story.” We always got a kick out of it and I enjoyed the five full minutes of silence as the boys listened. They’re sad as well. I was surprised to learn that even with Dan driving them all to tae kwon do and various activities, they were still tuning in at 6 pm to listen to Paul Harvey. We’re going to miss him.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Paul Harvey.

  1. Even *I* had a soft spot for him.Hey! My word is glorp! We called Julianna Glorper as a baby b/c when she nursed she made a glorp noise. Lord it was loud. Got discretion thrown out the window with the first one. By baby 3, I was topless.

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