I LOVE reading weekends!

Our weekends are usually so fragmented that I don’t get a chance to sit and really read and read and read – which is what I love to do above just about everything else in the world. This weekend, however, is free and clear. I woke up around 5:30 this morning with a horrible stiff neck – the kind that just twisting your head won’t get rid of. I gave up on sleep and got up, hoping moving around would help. I started some laundry, made some yogurt and then some more laundry and then about 10 gallons of (if I say so myself, awesome, slightly spicy, spaghetti sauce), more laundry and then tested a recipe for Italian whole wheat bread – delicious and easy. I’ll put the recipe below this post. (If it were up to me, the bread, some good olive oil and some black pepper would be the perfect dinner … unless you were in the mood for butter – butter works on this bread quite nicely too.)

ANYWAY … Between all of this domestic activity, I was taking hot showers, and putting the lovely, lavender bud-filled rice sock on my neck hoping to gain some movement. While I was basking in lavender goodness and waiting for the dryer to buzz, I read a the first two books in a trilogy that my neighbor lent me. Like the Twilight series, these are young adult novels. The series is called The Uglies. The first book is The Uglies. Next up the Pretties. Those are what I read today. I may have to go find The Specials to see how it all ends. They were fast (really fast), fun reads, imo.

Great literature, no. Worthy of your time if you have teens that might be attracted to this book – yes. I think there are some excellent discussions that could come out of these books. It’s worth a couple hours of your time to read it and decide for yourself.

Next, I moved onto Watchmen. I’m not into graphic novels, but all of the older boys read the book and are dying to see the movie. AND, here is where it becomes ALL about ME! It’s an ‘R’ movie and they NEED me. So, I said (months and months ago) that I’d read the book. Well, crunch time is upon us – the movie opens March 4 (how the hell is it March already?) and the kids really want to go to the midnight opening. I’m about 1/2-way through the book. It’s weird, but not terrible – OK, being totally honest the giant, naked blue man kind of freaks me out. But, it’s interesting – in an alternate history, creepy kind of way. My plan is to finish the book tomorrow and talk to the kids about it BEFORE I commit to seeing the movie. (I’m not opposed to seeing a midnight movie – I’m usually up anyway – and buttered popcorn??? Count me in. I just like to know what I’m walking into and I like to know that the boys “get” what they’re walking into.) I’ll keep you posted.

Next up on my reading list? Summer by Edith Wharton. I think Edith Wharton is a hoot and I’d never heard of this book before. My mom sent it over and I can’t wait to read it.

I have quite the stack of books to read on my nightstand right now. :::sigh::: I miss the days when “school” only took 2-3 hours and I just knew the stuff. For now, the nightstand is on hold and I’m trying to keep up with the teenagers and their reading and math and Latin. I will be so happy when they are all old enough to dual-enroll (high school/college) at the local community college. I can leave the “hard” stuff (Calculus, “real” Physics, a new, non-dead language) to those folks and concentrate on the fun stuff.

And, Italian bread – whole wheat? Check out http://www.recipezaar.com. This is the recipe I used today – nice dough. The ginger seems like a weird thing to add, but it definitely added something – the bread doesn’t taste ginger-y at all. Crusty Whole Wheat Italian Bread. Go ahead try it – Mike and the boys ate four baguettes tonight (along with a HUGE dinner) and were asking for more. Heh, I’M the one who should be asking for more!!!! (I wish I had taken a picture – next time I will – it’s pretty as well as delicious.)

I’m off to bed. Andy came out a while ago (I thought he’d been asleep for at least an hour) and gave me his “good” pillow to fix my neck. I hope he knows something I don’t. Everyone cross your fingers for Andy’s pillow!

4 thoughts on “I LOVE reading weekends!

  1. Scott Westerfield has a problem with the word “trilogy.” There are four books in the series now. Uglies, Pretties, Specials and now Extras.Jake owns the first so I read the first three. He too is dying to go see Watchmen, but David and I will go see it first (yay geeks!) and then decide.

  2. wah…I so want to be able to bake bread.Jay read the Uglies.I just read the Gargoyle and LOVED it, add it to your pile.Do you need a pal at the midnight movie? I won’t have time to read the book before hand.

  3. I read Watchmen back in the day and liked it. I’ve heard good things about The Uglies books…I’ll check them out, since lord knows I love a YA novel. Also ADORE Edith Warton, but I’ve never read that one. Let us know.Oh and yes, The Gargoyle is terrific. 5 stars.

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