19 years and more!

Mike and I are coming up on our 19th wedding anniversary – for a total of 23 years together! WAH! We’ve been together more than we’ve been apart. Crazy, man. Mark your calendars for St. Patrick’s Day!

For some reason, it hit me tonight. In ten years, we’ll be alone. (Unless my recurring dream comes true of Mike and our old priest “surprising” me with twin baby girls from another country – but I’m pretty sure that’s just a dream.) No kids permanently in the house. Whew! Weird, weird, weird. It was just a few years ago we were looking forward to using chairs on a regular basis (we ended up storing our chairs in the attic for about three years to avoid waking up to one or more of our boys on top of the fridge every morning.) I figure we have a good five years on our own before starting the rotation of living with our adult children on a quarterly basis (this is our new retirment plan – good thing we had four, huh?).

In other news – Toddlers and Tiaras has to be the most disturbing show on tv – yes, I watched it tonight. WHAT are these people thinking? I don’t know an adult woman who doesn’t have body/weight/personality issues (not always combined). HOW does putting your 6 yo on the pageant track help your daughter avoid any of these things? I was (and I have no girls so maybe I’d feel differently if I did) horrified by this show. I’m not seeing anything good coming out of the pageant experiences for those little girls.

My personal war against smoking is kind of at a standstill right now – I haven’t given up, I’m just regrouping the troops, so to speak. (If anyone owns an island let me know – I’ll pay my way – I just need to be sure there is nothing smokable on your island – basically, I’m look for prison, but on a beach.)

My knitting remains mediocre at best. However, I like the knitting and it’s not possible to knit and smoke. I’m building up quite the inventory of ugly dish towels. Keep your fingers crossed. I don’t want this to be my I-quit-smoking-blog. When I have something to report, I promise to put it here. In the meantime, I REALLY appreciate all of the support and encouragement you guys have given me. Hope is not lost – just a little delayed.

For the homeschoolers reading – anyone else having a delayed February-malaise? February is usually a tough month for us. This year, February was great. We were motivated and ahead of schedule. March is not coming along so well. THIS is not in my plan. We’re plugging along, but it just doesn’t feel as easy and seamless as February did. Ahhh, homeschooling … it’s never quite what you plan.

3 thoughts on “19 years and more!

  1. I’d give my opinion of shows like that but then someone always comes along and says they did it and their toddler knew it was just for fun and only cried a little and how dare you judge me and yada yada yada. But yeah, I agree with you on the body comment. I know very few women who are happy with their bodies and that’s without being dressed up and judged at the age of 6 (or 3 or whatever). Good luck on the anti-smoking campaign 😉

  2. That show boils my blood. What are those mothers thinking?? I don’t have girls either, so maybe I don’t get a vote. I am hyper aware of my body. Growing up with a grandmother that told me to Make sure I didn’t get fat was interesting….. Our half schooling is at a full stop. Dr. appts, transfer briefings, and just plain tiredness has set it.As far as smoking, YIKES, they still smoke in eating establishments here. GOOD LUCK!! (I can’t seem to spell resturants) Mac is saying I spelled it wrong)…

  3. Oh, I can not even have that show on for second. The whole thing makes me physically ill.(And I’m still here cheering you on for the stopping smoking!)

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