Add tonight to the list . . .

Of things I might rethink if I had to do them over. Months ago, I promised the boys I would take them to see the premiere of Watchmen. They’d read the book and really enjoyed it. This past week, I read the book for myself. Not really my thing, but overall, it was an interesting read and I can see the appeal for the boys.

Tonight, we left the house at 11:30 and headed to the theater. Good thing we bought our tickets early online. The theater was a packed house-full of nerds. There were a lot of college kids, 20-somethings and old-folks like me, many with older teens. Nice mix of people. Now, I did consider checking the reviews online before we went to the theater, but I opted to nap instead. Oops.

Overall, I have to say I enjoyed the movie. It was as true to the book as a movie could be. There were some intense scenes and some good comic relief (Nixon’s nose was probably my favorite – see dangling participle below). But … and there’s always a but … the music bordered on bizarre in some spots, trite in other spots. Sound of Silence for a funeral scene? Seriously? And, after tonight, I will die happy if I never, ever hear the song Hallelujah again. I fully expected the movie to be violent. I was surprised at how graphic and shocking the violence was in a couple of scenes. (This from a woman who lives for 24 each week!)

What totally sent me over the edge, though, was the gratuitous sex in the spaceship. Why? It was so unnecessary and ridiculous. Did I mention uncomfortable to watch as I sat there squashed between my sons? Gah! (And, the girl in that scene? How in the world will she ever face her parents again? Or her own teenage sons in 20-25 years?) But, as I sat there in the dark theater, it occurred to me that in a few months, Dan will be able to go to R movies without my permission. Ian and Tim aren’t far behind. Not that anyone wants to watch scenes like that with their mom, but it’s not like we have never talked sex and movies and all of that good stuff at home. I was interested to hear their thoughts when the movie had ended.

I was surprised to learn that the boys were bothered more by the giant naked blue guy. They all agreed they didn’t get the relevance of the sex scene. But as one anonymous boy pointed out, “We’re not going to turn away from a boob, Mom.” Fair enough. I don’t think they were too thrilled when I mentioned the actress having to go back to real life and how this could affect her life. And, then I launched into my whole “real life isn’t like this, you know” speech … at which point the boys all got that dazed look and started hearing the Peanuts’ teacher saying “Wah, wah, wah, wahhhhhhhh… Oh well, I like to think some of what I’m saying might be sinking in on some level. At least they know I’m never going to be timid with my opinions. (Poor things.)

So . . . back to the giant naked blue guy. HIM I was expecting. He’s naked in the book and it suits the character. However, a comic naked blue guy translated into a giant living, walking, dangling blue guy is a whole ‘nother thing according to the boys. I thought it was kind of funny – especially once I got the word dangling in my head. Dangling participle anyone? Actually, it’s now about two hours post-movie and the blue guy is getting funnier and funnier for me. (That might have something to do with the giant glass of wine I’m drinking as I type.)

And, that was how we spent our night, for what it’s worth to any of you. Mike will be up for work in less than an hour. I think I might find something happy (Mr. Rogers maybe) and knit for a while so I can at least say “Good morning” to him before I crash.

If anyone else sees this movie (Kaaren!) I would love to hear what you think about it.

5 thoughts on “Add tonight to the list . . .

  1. Now see, I had never heard of the book or the movie until I read it here. And if you’d told me about the story but left out the part about the naked blue guy I’d still have no interest.But the naked blue guy is such a strange, quirky thing that I will be reading the book or watching the movie sometime in the future.I can just see you sitting there at your computer in the middle of the night drinking wine and giggling.🙂

  2. It is most excellent that you went to see this with the boys. Granted, it would be useful to be able to slither out of one’s skin and leave it behind in such situations, but it was great that you were there. HAving mom a few feet away keeps things in perspective. and check out Billy Cruddup’s interview on the Daily Show, very funny (he was Dr. Manhattan).

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