Well, hooky as much as a nerd-mom can manage…

I spent the morning speed-schooling Andy, making lists for the older boys, doing laundry and getting dinner into the crock pot. At 12:30, I disappeared! I met my mom fifteen minutes later. We went to the “opera.” Not a live opera, the movie version of a live performance at the Met in NY. I’ve never attended one of these performances before and it was a whole new experience.

Nothing will replace a live performance for me. There’s just something about being there and really seeing and believing that these amazing sounds are actually coming out of a live person’s mouth. But, the AMC version of the Met was affordable and incredibly interesting. The great sound speakers and the close up shots of the orchestra and the singers were amazing. During the intermissions, it was fun to watch the behind the scenes goings-on not to mention the interviews with the cast, the conductor and some of the behind-the-scenes guys. Who knew? It was fascinating.

The opera itself was fun. I wasn’t familiar with it going into the show. The story is set in Scotland. What was funny is that it was sung in Italian and the leads in the show were either Russian or Polish. How’s that for global? And, opera is just fun. It’s so over-the-top on every level. In a good way, if you ask me. I love how a very angry man strides in to accuse another very angry man about offending him and seeking revenge. This is no “24.” Rather than just kill the guy (or shoot him in the thigh) like Jack Bauer, they sing together beautifully for another 15 minutes. Good stuff.

And, we saw it all in jeans, eating popcorn and drinking soda in the middle of a school day!!! Before I left, I asked the boys if they wanted to join us and was met with an emphatic “No!” Whew! It was way more fun with just my mom.

If you like opera or think you might like opera, this is a great introduction and the behind-the-scenes stuff makes it extra fun.

3 thoughts on “Hooky!

  1. Actually, that’s the way to go. Sitting there in the dark, all dressed up with no clue as to what’s going on unless you understand the language they’re singing in and the plot, makes you wish for Cliff Notes. Reading about the plot weeks ahead doesn’t stay with you once the lights go down.Read this guy’s blog on “Lucia..” http://burger2go.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/burger-at-the-opera/.

  2. My mom and I did that last year and it was amazing! I loved it. Glad you got to go…opera in jeans with popcorn and diet coke is hard to top.

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