All in my head?

I offer you proof that my testimonies about testosterone overload ARE NOT over-exaggerated. Here I talk about Mike and Andy’s passive-aggressive gardening techniques. Silly me, I thought the carrot was either sent to the compost pile or :::::shudder:::: eaten. While I was cleaning out the fridge last night, I discovered “The Carrot.”

The Carrot, however, had changed in it’s month in the veggie drawer. Go ahead, just look at it! Don’t turn your face away! Look at the toxic environment I’m living in, people. Look at The Carrot.

Someone, please send me a life.

7 thoughts on “All in my head?

  1. You’re scaring me. Is that what I have to look forward to? Even the vegetables will take their side? Really, I’m already outnumber 6 to 1.

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