Thank you, nice lady!

Danny was up early Saturday morning ready to face his first SAT test. The sole reason he was taking the SAT as a sophomore was that we haven’t done a lot of standardized testing and thought this would be a good way to see where (if) we needed to work on things. Dan was nervous when he left.

Well, when Dan called I got a little nervous. Mike answered and I listened to a bunch of “Uh-huh’s” and “OK’s.” Painful. When he hung up the phone, Mike explained that Danny, upon trying to park the giant Suburban bumped another car. He saw the woman driving the other car get out just minutes before he tried to park. He chased her down and had her come look at her car. They agreed there was no damage to her car. The woman did, however, insist that Dan call his parents and let us know what had happened. And that was the purpose of his phone call.

We didn’t see him for several hours. He said the woman stayed and listened to him talk to Mike. Then she gave him a great big hug, told him these things happen and that he should keep doing the right thing and went on her way.

I so wish Danny had gotten her name or something. I would love to thank her in person. I so appreciate that Dan had his first “accident” with someone who didn’t come out cursing and screaming. I love this lady. I hope to be this lady should the circumstance ever arise.

That’s all, just a nice story. Nothing eventful.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, nice lady!

  1. That woman was a Mom, obviously! I had a similar thing happen once – I came out of Walmart and there was a petrified little old lady by our old van – she had nicked the corner with her car when parking. Yeah, there was a small dent and stratch – but so what? I told her not to fret – it was an old van – and she was so happy she hugged me! I think in her case waiting for the owner of the van to emerge from the store, not knowing if they would be angry or ??? (and how long was she waiting for me?) was punishment enough.JFS in IL

  2. There are decent people in the world.I’m going to repeat that to myself over and over this week.What a nice woman!!

  3. I don’t think I could have concentrated on the SAT after that…except it might have been a calming effect to know that the mom was so nice to him.

  4. JFS – this woman was a total mom, don’t you think? Claire, I think Dan was able to focus on the test BECAUSE this woman made him call us and didn’t get nutso on him. Deana, his only option (as is mine) is to drive the giant paid-for truck. It is a tank, but it’s a tank we can afford and all fit into for now. And, I’m with you, I’m not a hugger. I cannot imagine hugging a strange teenager. LOL I’m glad the lady DID give Dan a hug (freaked him out a bit too), but I don’t know that I could be so – what’s the word? – close?

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