You should be nice to me . . .

Why? Because my mom is famous. Kind of. She put her first painting in a juried show last night. How cool is that? (Her painting is the Tulips on the bottom of the wall.) How brave is that? We all attended the gala event. Who knew downtown Orlando could be so cool and funky? Not me, that’s for sure!

My mom is a rock star! Imagine! It was so fun. Her painting did not win anything, but the kids and I stalked around and took notes and we’re pretty sure she’ll win the whole shebang next time. 😉 No intimidation tactics, we prefer to wear people out by sheer number and volume. We’re thinking camping on people’s lawns might be the way to go for the next show.

The older boys arrived first in my car (they had been teaching at Tae Kwon Do). I ran into my my mom’s good friend as we squeezed into the gallery (Hi Regina – see me waving?). She showed us where my mom’s picture was located and mentioned she’d seen the older boys with my parents earlier. Whew!

When the crowd thinned a bit, we found the older boys in a small gallery to the side. They seemed entranced. Ummm … teen boys … art … entranced? I’m not buying it. Something was up. I could not see a food table in the small space – and food is pretty much the only thing that attracts the boys. I wandered in. Doh! The owners of the gallery were EIGHT FOOT tall Swedish women with ginormous, perky boobs. Upon further reflection I noticed the space was filled entirely with men. Go figure. (And, you go! Swedish ladies! Use what you have while you have it.) Thirty minutes of coaxing later, the boys emerged. Gah. Danny is still talking about what a great place that was. Oh, sure, son. It’s all about the art.

After finding the older boys, we recovered Andy from the chocolate fountain, hosed him off and tried to get to my mom. Ummm … we had to wait in line to talk to her. And, while we waited in line, Andy fed me chocolate covered shrimp. Yes, it was nasty. However, Andy is the only son of mine who is still actually interested in my reactions. I ate it up. I love shrimp. I love chocolate. The two should never be combined. FINALLY, we got through the line to Bing and it was fun.

We are all sooooo proud of her. We’ll be adding “Bing” t-shirts and merchandise shortly!

YAY Mom!

6 thoughts on “You should be nice to me . . .

  1. Teenage boys! yikes..Congratulations to your mom!!You know one day you will have to do a blog post on why you all call your mom Bing!

  2. Okay… the mother of 2 younger boys. One who is 4 and is still in that tap me to get my attention stage…and he doesn’t pay any attention to where he is tapping…and I have giganormous breasts which generally means they are closer to him and usually where he ends up tapping.I just can’t imagine my 9 year old and my 4 year old tapper of breasts (he calls them boo boos by the way) oogling 8 ft tall perky breasted Swedish women. I remember itty bitty Danny, Ian and Timmy…who are these Dan, Ian and Tim creatures?

  3. Tutor, my Bing is your Bing. I actually asked her tonight while we were on the phone. She’s good with you calling her Bing. 🙂Claire, it’s just a matter of time. Enjoy the years you have now before your sons are seeking out crazy perky ladies.

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