No tye-dye plants were hurt . . .

I guess it was time, Mike and I aren’t getting any younger. We attended, for the both of us, our very first demonstration. Andy was not given a choice, but the older boys were. We attended our first Tea Party this afternoon. The older boys all joined us. Will our attending or, even, will the event, accomplish anything? Who knows?

But, I have to say it was nice to meet ALL kinds of people who are fed up. There were families with young kids, families with older kids, college folks, young adults, veterans, old people and everything in between. The reports are from the police and the ONE news station that covered the event say that there were 3000 people there. For me, it was nice to feel like I wasn’t a crazy person worrying about all that has been happening over the past months. For the kids, I’m not sure.

I know my readers and I don’t always agree on politics. And, that’s fine. I keep this blog to record what we, as a family, are doing more than anything. I don’t want to censor things that I want to remember. We had a great day and we had a lot of interesting discussions later in the evening.

5 thoughts on “No tye-dye plants were hurt . . .

  1. That is so awesome that you guys were able to do that! There are no tea parties locally here. maybe I should organize one? Of all of the activities that we have done with our kids, they always seem to remember the political stuff and the faith stuff the most. maybe because they can see how much it has to do with us personally and how we live our lives? maybe because those types of events are generally very full of emotion and camaraderie? I don’t know, but we will definitely keep doing them.So, what are you going to protest next? 😉

  2. Tutor, we’ll keep writing our congress-folk and will stay involved with the Tea Party (and Fair Tax) movements. And, we’ll protest anything that infringes on our basic rights. I say go for it. Organize a Tea Party in your area. The woman this organized this weekend’s event is a secretary from a local construction firm. She did it on her own and she did an amazing job. I think the key to her success was hooking up with a local radio talk show guy. Yesterday was a powerful thing for all of us.

  3. IF we have one, I will go dump some tea as well. Our government sucks in such a colossal way right now. Spend your way out of a recession…I’m no “economist” but I’ve a bit of sense, thanks for nothin’ political thieves.

  4. heh. A friend sent me a link back a couple weeks ago to a story about how one town wouldn’t let demonstrators dump tea into the river, because it is a pollutant.Fluoridate the drinking water, contaminate water sources with run-off from factories, but don’t dump tea into a river. Yep, that’s reasonable.My kids have taken part in several political demonstrations with us – and learned a lot in the process. 😉

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