Let them eat cake!

Poor Andy. His school work has been pretty dull lately. Normally, I try to have experiments or hands-on history projects to tie into our lessons. I like doing them and they go a long way in making a lesson stick.

Unfortunately, a lot of what we’ve been reading lately has not lent itself to interesting (interesting to a 9-year-old boy, anyway) projects. Last week we studied the French Revolution and Andy was gung-ho to make a mini-guillotine. For some reason, I’m good with burning things but I draw the line at chopping heads off of innocent toys. Bummer.

This week we’re off to a better start. See the cotton gin we made this morning? The older boys got involved and managed to hook a Lego Mindstorms motor to the paper towel tube. It worked really well until the cotton (which was full of glue and popcorn seeds) gunked everything up to the point of no return. But, it was a project and I’m pretty sure Andy will remember Eli Whitney.

We have some fun stuff coming up for the rest of the year. Stay tuned.

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