With a capital "B"

That’s me – a witch with a capital B.

It’s been a long week. Mike, as always, was up early and worked a long day. He came home to my charming self (*snort*) and offered to make dinner. The man is not only saintly, but talented. I’m not sure what he made, but it was delicious. Spaghetti noodles with an amazing, barely-spicy sauce and perfectly cooked chicken. I could spend ALL day trying to replicate what he did in thirty minutes and I would never succeed.

BUT (you know there’s always a BUT) . . . this is my kitchen. Well, it’s part of my kitchen. Creative cooking seems to involve using every dish in the house, all the pots and pans and gooing up the handles on all the cabinets. I’ve been wasting time on the computer since dinner time. Thinking about cleaning up the chaos is worse than actually doing it, but I’m still trying to psych myself up. I know, Capital B. I’m a bad person. I can’t be happy with a man who can cook – I want a man who can cook and be semi-clean. As soon as I finish typing this I will go hang my head in shame.

I’m getting ready to suck it up and go clean. But, I wanted to update you all. My ranting and raving last night seemed to have an effect on the older boys. (They’re homeschooled, but not stoopid. They know when “I” go nutso, it’s pretty bad.) Today was civil, interesting and the boys seem to be a more focused. It won’t last, but I’ll take what I can get right now!

We’ve been talking a lot about big numbers lately. THISis a good illustration of what a trillion looks like. We also have been referring to this book for more information and visual pictures of very large numbers. It’s a great book. The illustrations use peas to illustrate the numbers. Very interesting.

4 thoughts on “With a capital "B"

  1. Now I feel bad about the state of my own kitchen, and I can’t blame it on my husband (this time) because it’s my mess in there!Sometimes this works for me. I just say “I feel like baking cookies, but the kitchen is such a mess…” This seems to motivate my family to help out. Of course, then I have to bake cookies, but I don’t mind!Your blog is great, by the way!Sparklee

  2. Oh good gravy! My husband is the same. He hasn’t brewed beer in years now and as much as he LOVED the process, I hated every single second!!! First he would sanitize the room, grumbling about how horrible and dirty it all was the whole time. Then the brewing that would end up in and on every single pot, towel and surface in the room. Process finished, he would go sit down. AAAAACCCKKKK!!! Hope dinner was yummy anyway!

  3. I am in the same place. I love Jay cooking and I really don’t mind doing the dishes in exchange (mostly). But what really gets me is all the open cabinet doors and drawers. LOL (and he reads this blog, I wonder if he reads the comments?)

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