Are you beach-ready?

We didn’t think we were until we woke up this morning. Dan and Ian are camping this weekend, so it’s just me, Mike, Tim and Andy. Life is WAY easy when you cut your kids in half! We’re supposed to get a big storm system tonight and tomorrow. When we woke up today it was sunny and hot and really windy. Big waves here we come!

The beach was actually much chillier than home, but it was glorious! No pollen, no laundry, no nothing. I jumped into the water with Mike and the boys when we first arrived. Ummm … never mind. It was fuh-reezing. Mike, Tim and Andy spent the next several hours boogie-boarding while I guarded the bag of Kettle Chips and read my book. Did I mention the cold part? I ended up watching Mike and the boys from beneath my giant hooded sweatshirt (and dreaming of hot tea) …

But, it was a wonderful day. Really wonderful. I spent a good part of our time there watching a family with four small kids (maybe 6-7 and under) and just cracking up. It’s exhausting to “be there” but it’s WAY funny to look back. The poor mom was close to tears when they went to leave. The little boys were all about dropping the two items they’d been asked to carry and then getting distracted by shells and just random stuff. I was actually getting antsy watching it. I considered jumping up from my chips and Diet coke to tell the mom that it would get easier, but by the time it occurred to me she was at the point where it was highly likely she’d just punch out my front teeth. She’ll get it in 8-10 years.

I forget how much I miss the beach when we don’t go for months on end. I don’t know that I could ever live far from the beach again. Knowing that I’m within an hour’s drive is calming to me. There’s just nothing like it for me.

<img style="float:left; margin:0 10px 10px 0;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" border="0" And, can you see how grown-up and gorgeous two of my boys are? I marvel at the both of them. How can kids be so different and so the same. Andy and Tim look far more alike than Tim and, his twin, Ian do. Crazy. And the four boys are NOTHING alike. Go figure. But, I loved these pictures and now you have to love them too.

alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5318445007302799202″ />Here’s Tim – he towers over me now.

4 thoughts on “Are you beach-ready?

  1. I feel the same way about the beach. I hate living so far from it! At least Phoenix is a lot closer then we are now, I can see the Pacific in six hours or less!

  2. Wah! I want to go to the beach now. I do love a mountain lake, but the ocean is the most relaxing. As long as my children are not playing in it. Then it gives me vapors.

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