Why buy your kid a car?

Now that I have a licensed teen driver in the house, I’m wondering why any parent would buy their teen a car. Seriously. I know I don’t go anywhere. Dan knows I don’t go anywhere. BUT . . . Dan knows I hold the keys. It’s amazing how nice a kid can become when he really wants to use the car.

Tonight, Mike and I made a monster trip to Costco. We broke our “personal best” record of spending $1/minute. Tonight was about $1.25 per minute – inflation? Who knows? We DID get a little crazy – we bought the delicious, albeit expensive, Nathan’s hotdogs.

We left for Costco right after dinner. As we left, we told the kids we’d be home in about 90 minutes. When we returned home, the kitchen was spotless. There was a gorgeous cinnamon quick bread on the counter and there were clothes tumbling happily in the drier. This was good. BUT … THEN! the car unloaded itself. Helpful kids were everywhere. Mike and I were sore confused.

A couple of hours later, Mike safely tucked into bed, I learned that “they” (meaning those teenagers) want my car. They want my car ALL day on Saturday for a variety of reasons. As far as “they” are concerned I’m still thinking about it. I’m thinking at the very least I should be able to get them to mop the floors and clean the bathrooms. Muhahahaha.

3 thoughts on “Why buy your kid a car?

  1. dang. if that’s what it takes, I’ll let my kids have the car on Saturday. Of course, at 8, 6 and 5, the 15 passenger van might prove to be a bit hard to drive for them 🙂

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