Shiny Happy People … not

We’re dirty, filthy people if today’s “cleaning o’ the house” was any indication. Gah! 20 pounds of dog hair, buckets and buckets of sand, a couple of petrified bugs are what I normally expect when I clean the house. Today I got that and more!

Ian drew the “sweep the living room” straw. And, God Bless Him, he found THE sock. Look how happy and proud he is. He’s not really. I was just so excited I made him pose for a picture. Then, when I tried to take the picture, the camera batteries were dead so I made him stand there for another five minutes while I found new batteries. Really, people, if any of you cared, you would send me a life. My children would be so happy.

While I was torturing Ian, I sent Andy out to clean up “Lego Central” on the porch. Periodically, I go out there and sort the stupid Legos into Ziploc bags. I don’t know why. It’s an exercise in futility. Andy’s instructions were to clean up the Ziploc bags (ie toss them) and put the Legos anywhere but the floor.

While I was holding Ian hostage and making him pose with the nasty “computer sock”, Andy appeared with a fistful of ziploc bags and a question. I don’t remember the question but, it was something like, “What if my head was as big as our car?” There is no satisfactory answer to this question and after three older boys, I refuse to try and answer anymore. I just refuse – I’m old and tired. I’ll pay for the therapy later.

I glanced at the bags in Andy’s hand and started to tell him to go toss them – we’re all about filling landfills here. And, then I looked again. Gah! We’ve killed one of our own. In one of the bags was a dehydrated, screaming frog. It appears the poor frog wandered onto the porch, crawled into the bag and couldn’t find his way out. Mike called it survival of the fittest, but I feel terrible. Some poor frog family is missing its dad or brother or sister or something. We’re sorry frog family.

But, the house is clean – well, as clean as it gets, anyway! I guess if we did this cleaning thing more often fewer frogs would perish?

7 thoughts on “Shiny Happy People … not

  1. OMG that poor frog!On the other hand, he’s been saved from being eaten by a predator. Those guys have no pity, they eat ’em alive!!Legos go really well in clear plastic bins.

  2. Legos also come OUT of plastic bins really well. and what they do especially well is lie all over Ben’s floor, in an even coating, for all eternity. When he has a child of his own, I am buying a dumptruck full of legos and I am going to just pull up to the nursery window and dump them in.

  3. I have hit the “why clean now, they are just going to pack it all up in a few weeks anyway” phase… I will try to get all the legos off the floor so none of the movers get hurt. packing with 3 boys, they should get hazard pay. Poor frog… I am sure he had a good life..

  4. LOL Deana! Did you know you could buy Legos by the pound on Ebay? I love your idea.Ami, I’ve got the bins, the bags were my attempt at making things “more” organized. :::sigh:::: foolish mortal, me. When do you move, Sabrina? Maybe toss all the Lego’s and get a dump truck, a la Deana after you’re in the new place?

  5. I knew the sock was to be found (see my comment on the blog post prior) and found soon.We moved our leather sectional Friday to sweep the dozen socks and hundreds of little kid toys that accumulate underneath. What a mess!!!

  6. So now with the Sock Saga ending, what can we be expecting to follow for weeks on end now?(And stepping on Legos in the middle of the night causes one to rethink the promise to drop certain words from one’s vocabulary…)

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