The (not) Young and the Restless

I’m restless and sleepless and really antsy lately – and yes, I have taken to dressing exactly like this picture. This isn’t new territory for me and I blame a lot of it on the time change because looking back over this blog, I can see I get this way every April. So, here we are.

Tonight, the laundry was done (well, you know, as done as it ever gets), the house was clean (see above) and I’ve had to wean myself from knitting past 11 pm. If I keep knitting, I will sit and watch The Duggars’ tv show for hours on end. It’s not pretty – the tv or the knitting. (Anyone in dire need of a purplish hat, let me know and it’s yours if I ever finish!)

Soooo . . . tonight, after watching American Idol (he’s weird, but I adore Adam!) and Fringe (not great, but the dad/scientist/crazy guy cracks me up – so does the cow), I found myself pacing. I happened upon my folder of printed out online recipes and decided to organize them and put them in my “photo album” of assorted recipes. Imagine my delight and joy when I opened the photo album book (which I started when the twins were infants) and the first piece of paper that fell out was the recipe for Oatmeal Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting.

Here, we call it Hurricane Cake because I first made it while we waited for a hurricane back in 1999 (shortly before Ian and Tim were told they were allergic to peanuts). I was pregnant with Andy and my friend, Julie, who was still imaginary at the time, gave me this recipe. We have had a small shrine to Julie in our backyard since that day. It weighs about 20 lbs and is not low fat, but it is sooooooooooooooo good. Now that we’re free to explore the land-o-peanuts again, I have one in the oven. (Actually, now it’s out of the oven!) It’s not much to look at, but THIS is the cake that will win you friends and make you the envy of everyone – in a good way. It’s that good. (If you have nut allergies in your family, it’s pretty dang good with Sunflower Butter substituted for the peanut butter.)

This week is Spring Break for our county. Amazing how motivated the boys are to finish up their schoolwork when friends are waiting to play. Andy and I are working on a world map. Here is “Part One.” We sketched the continents onto a board and Andy painted the big bodies of water blue. Tomorrow, we start with our salt dough, adding terrain to each part of the world. Andy’s into it. He kind of flipped out when he painted over the Hawaiian Islands, the Philippines and Hong Kong so I imagine we’ll be adding them to our map first. I love big, gooey, messy projects.
I know, I’m weird, but isn’t that why you come here?

My tea is ready. I’m going to try a hot bath and sleeping again. Cross your fingers

5 thoughts on “The (not) Young and the Restless

  1. Andy did great on his map. It is spring break here as well. We are off to Tokyo DisneySea tomorrow… I hope and pray it’s not packed. We are almost done with season 2 of 24. I FRICKIN LOVE THIS SHOW….

  2. Sparklee – YOU can have it for breakfast. Fiber, protein, delicious – it’s better than most anything you could eat. If you are one of my kids, however, you may not have this for breakfast? Why? Because, by the time I get up, there will be no cake and the children will be in sugar comas.

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