Ch-ch-ch-changes ….

I have a lovely email group and I mentioned to them that while I have plenty to do everyday, I’m BORED. I’m WAY bored. I know it’s a childish thing to say, but I am at a loss. I do not derive satisfaction from laundry or a beautiful dinner. I just don’t. Someone from the email group suggested that this is a normal reaction to having kids about to leave home. Makes sense, but (and it’s ALL about me) I’m still bored! šŸ˜‰

I think part of my struggle is being married to a man who is supremely happy with his life. He no longer is a slave to a corporate restaurant. He goes to bed early, gets up early, eats a super-healthy breakfast, works out at the Y, works all day, comes home to a decent (on my good days) dinner and starts the whole cycle over again. And he’s happy as a clam. On the weekends, he still gets up early, races around taking care of the yard, the garden and whatever else strikes him. (I know, I’m so unlucky!) Poor man, married to me, the shrew … I’m never happy and I will fight to the death my right to sleep until lunchtime when I can. Even when I am happy, I’m not totally happy. Mike can’t win here.

For now, I don’t know that I can do much more than dwindle in between-land. The boys are here, they need to keep learning. I am here and I can facilitate that. But, then what do I do with Andy – will I be so burnt out that I can’t teach him at home? I’m not big on sending him to a gub’ment skool. I don’t know that we can afford private. Poor Andy. Stay tuned to learn his fate.

Anyway, I’m not feeling fun or funny lately and the blog is reflective of that. Sorry, folks. I’m sure I’ll collect my thoughts and get it all together soon. Hang in there with me, please?

4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes ….

  1. I am sorry to hear you are in a funk.I really understand because I am in the same boat.I homeschool my 2 kiddies and have a Hubby who has his routine.Sometimes I wonder if I will be able to go on with this lifestyle(1 child is only in 1st grade)I just want you to know that you are not alone in that boat there are more of us than you know.I wish you a good day and hope some fun comes your way.

  2. I could send you my 3 year old who will spend all day asking WHY? WHY? WHY?

    YES, please send season 3 and 4. It just ended with SOMETHING on his hand! ACK! I know it was chemical.. Now he is going to get sick and…. Well you get the point. I NEED to know what happens..

    I will send season 1 and 2 back Tuesday, there is a bazaar this weekend so I will do a BIG post office run Tuesday. Thank You for getting me HOOKED on this show.

  3. LOL – I’d love a three year old, Sabrina – send him with the other dvd’s!

    I’ll put the new seasons in the mail tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. You’ll just die when you watch the next two seasons!

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