Fun stuff – a movie review …

Andy read the book Coraline (yes, that does fall into the classical education scheme of things) months ago and has been dying to see the movie. I read Coraline years and years ago and didn’t remember much about it except that it was kind of dark. But, then again, Andy’s got a dark side. Anyway, I’m cheap. I told Andy that we’d see the movie when it hit the $$ theater.

This afternoon, Andy, his best bud Paul and the older boys and I hit the $$ theater and saw Coraline. I LOVED it. I was scolded after the movie for loving it because I had forgotten a few things in the book that they changed in the movie. Oh well. Andy and Paul were absolutely silent and speechless through the movie. Several times I glanced at them and they were both stuck with popcorn held mid-air, mouths open and just gaping.

I wouldn’t recommend the movie for a child with seperation issues or a child with a fierce imagination that never shuts down. I would not have taken Tim to this movie when he was 9. Heck, he’s 15 and he was still a little flipped out by the movie (despite having read the book and listening to the audio version).

STILL! I loved it. The animation was great. The voices were well-matched to the characters. And there were some real laugh-out-loud scenes.

Did I mention I got butter-flavored popcorn? Did I mention that the $$ theater is the old AMC theater I worked at during summers and vacations through college? It’s like a time warp for me to go there. The popcorn maker is the same one that gave me the scar on my fore-arm. The hot-dog-roller-thingie is the same. And, what’s totally crazy is – just like in the old days – they only take cash. When’s the last time you went anywhere and everyone was paying with actual money? Maybe it’s just me … but it struck me as unusual and kind of retro today.

Overall, fun movie. Anything that shuts Andy and Paul up for 2++ hours has to have something to it. If you have sensitive kids, definitely pre-view it.

4 thoughts on “Fun stuff – a movie review …

  1. I only recently read the book but that alone put the movie in that “for mama”. I’m now thinking my oldest might like it but it would simply terrify my youngest.

    I’m glad its great! I’ve gotten some snoozers lately from netflix! 😛

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep Sean far away from it. He has such huge anxiety about ‘being left’ and we still haven’t figured it out.

  3. I thought the book was d a r k, but loved it. Love Gaiman. We haven’t seen the movie b/c I really think it would cause Ben to need medication, but the girls would be fine and there’s no easy way to say “Your little sister could handle this, but you’d cry for a week.”

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