Introducing . . .

Esme! We found a new little friend for Jenny-the-pig. After hours and hours of debate we all agreed on the name Esme. She’s the same size as Jenny, but she’s a wild pig! She hops and dances and races around like her tail’s on fire. She’s a total scream. Jenny is taking it all in her stride. As I type the two girls (yes, I typed that! In my house, two girls!!!!!) are snuggled up in their little pig house nose-to-nose. The boys and Mike are drawing up grand plans for their new palace.

Scout? My original girl? She’s funny. She’s loves the pigs. When we put them on the floor she grooms them and herds them around the house. It’s really kind of funny. Scout’s old, though, and her attention span isn’t what it used to be. When she’s done herding the pigs, she traps them with her front legs and dozes while they play in her little safety zone. If one of the pigs gets too rambunctious for her, she will tap them with her paw or give her a big nose-nudge. The pigs seem to get it.

Ian and Tim, who are both allergic to guinea pigs, are doing really well with the pigs. They’re old enough to know to wash their hands and not to hold the pigs up to their skin. So far so good.

I’m anxious to see if Esme makes the carrots and parsely in their cage turn white (a la Bunnicula“. I loved those books.) If the veggies are white in the morning, we’ll know Esme has been named well. (Esme is a vampire in the Twilight series of books – Andy hasn’t read the books, he just liked the name.)

I’ll keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “Introducing . . .

  1. We had guinea pigs a few years back. And if the boys have their way we probably will again. We made a 2 x 3 pen that I’m actually still impressed with today.

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