Dear Bing,

You and Dad have abandoned us – what if I need to tell you something and you don’t answer your cell phone? – to visit with Aunt Judy and Uncle Tony in that sweaty-place they call Arizona. But, I’m not bitter. Bud, the immortal gold fish, is looking pretty good. Ian and Dan took him for a little walk while I watered the plants and stole your still pretty Easter flowers. (What a deal, huh? I buy YOU flowers for Easter and they are still gorgeous weeks later and I take them back to my house and get to enjoy them too!) Ian and Dan found a picture of you in the house and stuck it up next to Bud’s tank. I’m not kidding, he wiggled his tail when he saw you. We left the picture there – he *hearts* you and misses you. So do we!!!!

PS – this is just a picture I “borrowed” from Google. Bud has not cloned himself.

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