Why yes, I am twitching . . .

The other layout was too busy for me … I’m trying this new template until I can find something that totally rings true for me …

Productive day here. Lots of laundry, scrubbed the bathrooms, changed sheets, more laundry, swept the floors and did not once get mowed down by Mike on his quest to make the backyard jungle behave. Yay us! I just don’t get why people think being middle-aged is boring. We’re covering it all – danger, drama, sometimes we sing while we do our stuff. It’s all pretty exciting stuff if we hold our stomachs in and stand up really straight.

Ian and Danny are home. Sounds like they had great time kayaking and canoeing through Juniper Springs. We did miss them, but the break was good for all of us. And, :::sniff:::, they used their sunscreen! I’m so proud.

Tonight I spent going through the boys history and writing work. I have such a hard time judging their writing. They are so not me and I have a hard time distinguishing what is a good essay and what is a good essay that I never would have written. (Because we all know I ONLY would write a good essay – lol) Overall, I am really pleased. The Great Depression/WWII are HUGE topics and it’s something some people spend a lifetime writing about. The boys were coherent and surprisingly thoughtful (we talk about all of this stuff everyday, but I don’t check their work everyday – you never know what’s going to turn up in their writing!). I’m comfortable that they have grasped the main/many issues of the time period. We’re going to move ahead.

Next, we plunge through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I’m so excited. In my own education I never made it past WW I. Usually (for me) history stopped at the end of The Civil War. If nothing else, the boys will be conversant on relatively modern aspects of history. Or not. Who knows where they’ll end up. We have plenty of days where I’m pretty sure they’ll all be aspiring to be WalMart greeters. I’m not sure how, as a WalMart greeter, you work in building the Suez Canal into daily converstaion. But, I have hope.

Right? It’s fine if you just nod and smile and move on …

4 thoughts on “Why yes, I am twitching . . .

  1. It’s time to pull out the Doonesbury books. My son learned all his recent history from Mike and Zonker.

  2. Oh I am learning so much with Baby Boy’s history and literature. I was so pathetically under-educated.

    We go back and forth . . . surgeon some days . . . couch warmer on others, LOL.

  3. oh thank you for changing the theme. Lord that one hurt my head. Lovely print, but not for a computer screen.

    when they hit the 60s, I really recommend some New Journalism–Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson. I think they’ll love it and it really gives a feel for the era. I have specific essay recommendations if you want. :O)

  4. Please recommend away, Deana! I have some Hunter Thompson stuff here and also, Tom Wolfe. The Tom Wolfe is mostly later stuff, though.

    Al-Pam – I hadn’t thought of Doonesbury! Good stuff – thank.

    Mom #1 – we’re going to be so smart when we’re old, aren’t we?

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