Drive-by posting . . .

It’s late … I’m sleepy … I still have laundry to move and fold and dishes to dry and put away . . .

I’m officially an “old” mom. Today at tae kwon do, I drove the kids because I needed to run an errand on that side of town, I was wrapped up in my book and not paying any notice to the kids on the floor beating the hell out of each other. In fact, this is what I pay money for each month – the chance for my boys to beat each other up in a “safe” way multiple times a week. Sometimes I forget what it’s like when your oldest child has just turned 10-11 and moved into the higher level classes.

I was reading and happily sucking down a GIANT Diet Coke when a hand grabbed my arm REALLY hard. I looked over to see a mom I have known for at least the past five years. She was MAD. She glared at me and said, “I don’t care if he is your son, I”m going to take him down.” I was oblivious. I looked out on the floor and saw this mom’s son crying and my oldest son patting his back and looking to the instructor for help in handling the situation. Their instructor handled it very well and the class continued.

I was a bit rankled at being man-handled, but the more I thought about it, the more I got it. I’ve watched the older boys work through the very awkward 10-13 years and they all (some more than once) were kicked square in the face or under the chin. As a mom it’s a horrible thing to watch. As a tkd participant, after sitting through classes for the past eight years, it seems to be a necessary step to moving up … once you’re kicked hard in the face or on the chin, you NEVER forget to guard your head. EVER.

Still, I was worried about the other mom. She and I have been friendly since her son was 5 and Andy was about 3. I like her a lot. She’s a big reader and I’ve enjoyed talking about books and just life in general with her. By the end of the class, she grabbed my arm again and apologized for over-reacting and promised me she’d never actually hurt one of my children. Whew! I let her know that I understood her reaction completely. Again. WHEW! I’m so happy she let it go as quickly as she did. Her son is fine.

The thing is, though, I’ve seen this play out so many times over the years that I have a hard time getting worked up. It’s Tae Kwon Do, not ballet, folks. At some point someone is going to get kicked and but hard. They’ll get over it and learn from it. Ten years ago, I could not have been so laissez-faire about it all. Now? Eh. I’m glad today’s episode ended on a friendly note all around.

I”m really thinking this whole episode seals me into the “old” mom category. Short of talking to the “young” moms about our guinea pigs (which would be weird even for me), I have nothing to say that they want to hear. I’m an “old” mom. How did this happen? Honestly, I don’t mind if your tkd kid kicks Andy in the head. And he’s my BABY! If your kid can get to his head, he deserves to be kicked. (charming, huh?)

OK – all you “young” moms go appreciate your short people and report back. Before you know it, you’ll be a bitter old woman like me.

6 thoughts on “Drive-by posting . . .

  1. How I am appreciating my short person these day! How did I forget if you don’t keep the BRIGHT RED markers way up high, the short person in residence will grab it and color a pretty picture for me on the wall!

    Whew, talk about a run on sentence….

  2. I was watching one day when a young boy learned WHY a guy has to always wear a cup for protection. Made me glad my marital arts kid was a GIRL (although she managed to make her black belt instructor make an impressive backward leap when one of her kicks went below the belt.)

    JFS in IL

  3. My kids are younger than yours – actually my oldest and your baby are the same age, but it didn’t take me long to have this same attitude. Maybe because I was already an older person when I became a mom. Who knows but I totally get it.

  4. I can totally relate. In fact, if you haven’t had to cut early out of class to get to the emergency room, don’t even sit by me. I don’t want to hear you sucking in your breath every other minute . . . I’m trying to use this precious hour to get some reading done, LOL.

    Definitely rules of the game: guard your face AND don’t forget your cup.

    Lessons learned the hard way.

  5. Padawan Learner had to leave his trampoline class early a couple of weeks ago because he under-rotated and landed on his neck. At that moment, while the staff was scurrying around getting ice bags (and watching my face for clues to how I would react), I realized that this kind of stuff had become old hat to me. I guess I’m in the Old Mom ground now too.

  6. I think I’m in the ‘old’ Mom catagory now. With Ian being my youngest and most of his tee-ball friends being the oldest in their families, I don’t have much to chat about with them.

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