WOW! Nice skin, kid!

We’re getting ready to head to the mountains of Georgia for a camping trip with my sister and her family. I’m so excited. I’m also dying a slow death from the pollen around here lately and the pollen fog is what is causing my complete inability to get organized. (Think Wizard of Oz when they all pass out in the poppy field.)

Today, we ran to WalMart to fill prescriptions, get Tim’s hair cut and pick up essentials (marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and a little more chocolate).

Some background . . . Last week I took Ian to the dermatologist. His skin isn’t terrible, but it’s been making him angsty and the over the counter stuff seems to make things worse. The entire visit was semi-horrifying. Doctors in general make me REALLY nervous. Don’t judge me, we’re all different and special in our own ways. My reaction to this nervousness is to become ravenously hungry once inside the examine room. I’m well aware of this “quirk” and usually keep some crackers or some sort of little snack in my purse for just such occasions.

Poor Ian! Sometimes just being 15 and actually HAVING a mother is traumatizing. If you have ME as a mother, it can be especially life-damaging. (Trust me, most of you have never heard me really start laughing – it’s not pretty.) I forgot I’d given Andy my last little baggie of crackers the night before. As soon as the doctor (we’ll get to her) walked in, my stomach started to growl. Not just a little rumble. It was more like the movie Alien. It was loud and angry and I was half-sure whatever was making the noise inside my stomach was going to rip me open and kill us all. I was mortified and, I’ll admit, kind of entertained. Ian? Let’s just say I put a large post-dated check into his therapy jar.

The doctor? While we were waiting for the doctor, I was reading brochures. My goodness, if we had money, I could look 25 again from the neck up. Sure it would be freakish and wrong, but think of the great up close Christmas cards we could send! There was also a brochure about the practice. Our dermatologist graduated from medical school in 2006!!!! Let’s work this out … this doctor was still in(the first version of) pull ups when I was graduating high school. Seriously, she was 12! Cute as a button and she seemed to know her stuff, but she was so wee and young and she offered me half of a sandwich when my stomach started acting up. She’s lucky I didn’t scoop her up and put her in my purse. She gave us some prescriptions and emphasized that I should check to see what insurance covered before I filled them. Mind you, she had to shout this information at me over my intestinal alien (God, getting old just sucks) …

Fast forward to today at WalMart . . . I told the woman that I needed the allergy med rx’s filled but was looking for a price on the skin stuff. I came back after the 20-minutes she told me it would take. I walked up to the chin-high counter and asked for the damages. The pharmacy lady said the allergy meds were on order and that the skin medication (it’s a pill) was not covered by our insurance. I kind of shrugged and asked how much it would be to just pay for it (the wee doctor gave us samples and Ian’s skin is remarkably improved in just 4 days). Go ahead … guess what pimple pills cost? Nope … $485 for a month’s supply!!!!! I actually choked. After I choked I started to laugh. The pharmacy lady laughed with me. We decided for that much money, I’d be better off getting Ian a really cool car. If you have a really cool car people (read cute teenage girls) tend not to notice the pimples. Gah!!!!

Needless to say, I have a call into the dermatologist. I’m so glad she had me ask first. She did have a couple of alternatives and she said she’d be happy to call those into the pharmacy for me. But, still, I wonder who has insurance that would cover that medication? It’s not a life-threatening condition … crazy.

So … lucky me … I’m going back to WalMart on Thursday. I’m going to pretend I’m driving Ian’s imaginary cool car when I go.

Meanwhile . . . what am I forgetting to pack for this camping trip?

10 thoughts on “WOW! Nice skin, kid!

  1. I am there with you on the Dr office.Except I get dry mouth,think Death Valley dry.I try to have one of those little bottles of water stashed in the purse(suitcase)If not I swear I get foaming at the mouth and can not talk,all I can do is clear the dry throat by coughing.Not pretty.

  2. Holy cow! I made a terribly nasty sound – kind of a snort/cough/gasp sound – when I read the amount of Ian’s pimple pills. D.a.m.n. Yes, definitely go with the car. A BMW lease will do him well for that much money – and he’ll enjoy it more.

  3. Yikes! That’s unthinkable! I don’t know . . . Baby Boy would have to just be pimply . . . poor thing. All I know to do is to put toothpaste on your zits. That’s what I do . . . it works for me. I’m minty fresh all over!

  4. I just had to comment on this one. My stomach does the same thing when I get nervous (especially at the doctor’s office). I never thought about eating….hmmm.

  5. I was thinking about getting Proactive for Jake. A friend recommended it to us.

    My Waiting Room Weirdness: I want to immediately fall asleep.

  6. I use Proactive and it works pretty well. It also is a lot less expensive!
    On another topic, I hear from Dy you are reading “Atlas Shrugged” too. I’m having a hard time reading it. I hope you are having an easier time of it.

  7. At my last “well-woman” exam, I got the new PA. I swear she had a Fisher Price stethoscope. I thought maybe it was Take Your Daughter to Work Day and her mommy would be right in…but no.

  8. OK – Ami, what’s an aspirin paste? We’ve tried the Proactive – it worked really well for Danny. Not at all for Ian.

    Nice to know I’m not the only one with “doctor” issues. LOL

    Erin – I’m about 1/2 way through Atlas Shrugged. I read it when I was in high school or early in college. I don’t think I “got it” back then. This time around, I’m getting it and it’s a little scary. I’m hoping to get through it this weekend.

  9. Deana – ROFL – maybe your “lady-bits” doctor is the sister of our dermatologist? I’m thinking it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse the older we get, isn’t it? I think I will just not wear my glasses to my next appointment. Blurs don’t have ages, right? If I’m only seeing a blur, I can make them any age I want.

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