We’re off!!!

I finally tore myself away from Atlas Shrugged long enough to finish up the final details of packing and home-stuff before our long weekend camping trip. I read Atlas Shrugged in high school or college, but this time around it’s really got my attention. It’s a big book but I can’t seem to walk away from it. There’s a lot to this book and you don’t have to embrace all of Ayn Rand’s philosophies to appreciate it. It’s worth a read. At the very least it will get you thinking – A LOT! I’m hoping to get some time on our trip to finish it up and then flip through it again. (If you choose to read Atlas Shrugged AND if you depend on bifocals to read, spring for the large print book. Mike picked it up when I first brought it home and thought it was in another language LOLOL! It’s not, it’s just really tiny type. Go figure, I cannot see past my wrist without my glasses, but I can read anything! So far.)

We decided that instead of packing we’re just going to drag the house behind us to Amicolola Falls. Not really, but I do think it would be easier. Between the food I’m bringing and what I know my sister is bringing – we’re prepared for a good six-month long camp-out. The highlight so far? Mike came home with a bunch of those Jiffy Pop things. I didn’t know they still made that stuff. Andy is out-of-his-mind excited about them! Here’s a video – who’s as old as I am?

Actually, Mike and Danny are staying behind. Mike couldn’t take the time from work and Danny has a chance to earn some money doing icky warehouse work. I’m going to miss the extra drivers. The plus side? We were able to take the back seat out of the Suburban to fit in more food!

Everyone have a great weekend. I have two cameras packed and I’m sure I will have lots of good stuff to share with you when we get back on Monday night.

5 thoughts on “We’re off!!!

  1. My kids think those are cool.

    I am camping this weekend with 8 other scrapbooking women in 3 cabins in Lake Louisa in Clarmont. It should be pretty and a lot of fun.

  2. I LOVE Jiffy Pop – I have the best memories of popping it in our camp trailer when I was a kid….

    I have had Atlas Shrugged on my to-read list for a long time now. I even have the book. Maybe I should crack it open one of these days.

    Have a great time on your trip.

  3. No way! Jiffy Pop? We never got Jiffy Pop when I was little because it was too extravagant. I’m gonna have to get some now.

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