Say something nice …

I live in a house with men. Five of them. Short of applying bright blue eyeliner with a thick pencil or setting my hair on fire, none of them notice me or what I look like on a daily basis. It’s probably better that way.

But, sometimes, it’s nice to hear something nice. I’ve been kind of blah for the past couple of months. It happens. It’ll pass. But, truth be told, I’m feeling old (hey, that rhymed!) The “bigs” are growing up and I’m feeling kind of outdated. My hair is weird – and I’m just letting it go to see what happens because the color thing is not happening lately on my head. My body is slowly collapsing around me. Yes, it’s slow, but I’m having to rethink my clothes and what sort of flapping bits the world needs to see these days. It’s all kind of depressing if I think about it too much.

Mike spent the bulk of the day with the big boys and Andy and the neighbor boys working on the treehouse. I watched from our bedroom (while putting away laundry and cleaning) and I have to say Mike is a master at boys. Even the young boys were sawing and hammering and everyone was behaving and working to a goal. At the end of the day, Mike and the boys cooked hotdogs and hung out. I escaped across the street to my neighbors’ house. We chatted, snacked and chatted some more – ignoring the drumming and man-yells coming from behind my house.

My point? While I was out today, two different women commented on my hair – in a good way. Later, the neighbors both commented on my hair (independent of each other no less). It was such a boost for me to hear them comment. (I’d done nothing special with my hair other than wash it and leave the shower.) I’m thinking maybe I should speak up next time I see something I admire about another woman in my age group. Who doesn’t need a boost? I have to get over my general shyness and speak up. What an easy way to make someone’s day. I don’t aspire to mindless comments, but something real. My goal this week is to find three things to compliment. This is scary territory for me, but I’m going to do it. I cannot believe how my mood has been lifted by the compliments I received today. It’s not so much about the compliments as it is about someone noticing. Sometimes, it’s nice to be noticed.

4 thoughts on “Say something nice …

  1. I agree with that. I was in Winn Dixie and saw a grandma. Grandma was FABULOUS. She had hr hair styled short, pink dangly earrings, pink blue, dark pink straight skirt and dark pink heels I coveted. We kept passing each other up and down the aisles.

    Out in the parking lot I finally got the courage to tell her she looked fantastic. She put her hand to her chest, smiled and said “Oh THANK you! I really needed that today.”

    NO idea what her situation ws, was she was so spiffy and what-not. It just made her happy, which made me feel happy giving that to her.

  2. Well, I can’t see your hair, but I really like your blog. You’re funny and interesting and you have a pretty fantastical way with words.

    You’re right. It does feel good to say something nice.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. So Friday I bought the $1.50 skirt and 2 $1.50 brown shirts from Goodwill. I wore the skirt and one brown shirt to my dh’s musical Friday night with new shoes and a new necklace. So on Sunday in church, near the end, the complete stranger woman behind me tapped my arm and said…”I love your necklace and pants, you just look so beautiful today.”

    The pants are brown rayon print pants with elastic waist that are 10 years old, so nothing special), I was wearing the second of the new $1.50 Goodwill brown tops and I had just washed and let my hair air dry (and it dried flipping out everywhere, not attractive). I think it is the power of the funky necklace.

    But her kindness made my mother’s day.

  4. Thanks, Kaaren, M1 and Claire for getting what I was saying! Sometimes, it’s just worth (for me being the wimp I am) to suck it up and just say something nice – I know what a boost I got yesterday.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all three of you!

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