So … we went to Walmart this evening . . .

We were picking up Ian’s allergy meds and a few other random things – as one is wont to do in Walmart. While we were waiting for the rx’s, Ian noticed the Walmart version of the Neti Pot on the shelves. I love my Neti Pot. It’s cute. If I didn’t use it to clear the pollen out of my head twice a day, I wouldn’t hesitate to fill it with flowers. I got my Neti Pot at a health food store. It’s ceramic, it’s cute. I’m sure, if I had gone to Walmart in search of my first Neti Pot, I would still be Neti-Pot-less. Ian giggled, took a picture and said “I shouldn’t tell you what I’m thinking, but I will. I look at that pot and all I think is Papa Smurf.” Gah! There are some things you should just never put up your nose. Ya know?

3 thoughts on “So … we went to Walmart this evening . . .

  1. I’ve been intrigued by the Neti Pot every since I saw Dr. Oz make Oprah try one on tv. I’m just so afraid of drowning that I can’t force myself to try it. I can’t even swim. Well, that and my mild addiction to my prescription nose spray. *SIGH*

    I like the new look of your blog. Snazzy.

  2. Holy crap. That’s…a bad design. Ben thinks that me using a Neti pot is the funniest thing on earth. Laughs until he gets hiccups.

  3. You know, I was in a local drug store and looking for the Neti Pot. I found one, a blue plastic one, and thought that’s weird, the commercial shows this cute little ceramic one. Oh well, I guess they don’t make them that way anymore. So I bought Papa Smurf. He is a foul looking thing, but works fine.

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