Sometimes reminders are hard . . .

There are times, especially lately, where I feel like I’m being tested and my kids are on the verge of becoming Charles Manson (not that I’m given to exaggeration or anything like that) and then I hear from people with real issues – scary things. Or I read about people who are dealing gracefully with a really badly dealt “hand-at-life.” I hate that anyone else is having a hard time, but a wake-up call is good every now and then, isn’t it? I just hate that I’m too stupid to see my life for what it is and that it takes someone else having a hard time to make me really wake up. Well, once again, I’m awake and grateful and praying for those who are really struggling with real things.

And, strangely, when this kind of thing hits me, I tend to regain my sense of humor. Weird, but that’s just how I am made. Stay tuned …

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