Wonder of wonders . . .

About three months ago our ice maker stopped working. I am a lover of ice. I love nothing more than a glass full of ice topped with iced tea or a bubbly Diet Coke. However, an ice maker is not essential to life. When the ice maker died, I put on my brave-little-soldier face and got on with life. We bought ice cube trays and adjusted. Yesterday – the ice maker started working again. We have no clue why it’s working. It just is. I am sitting here chomping on crushed ice and enjoying our little miracle. It’s so exciting. I just know you are all happy for me too. Really – that’s it. That’s as exciting as my day got today. :::sigh:::

2 thoughts on “Wonder of wonders . . .

  1. I’m one of those weirdos who drinks everything at room temperature with no ice. Half the time I forget to turn on the icemaker in time for Mom #2 to get home so she can have something cold to drink.

    She’s an ice chomper too. Eek!

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