‘N Sync

If you’ve been married or involved with someone for a decade or more, you are familiar with being in sync and out of sync. Mike and I are decidedly OUT of sync right now. I can say this on my blog with impunity, because Mike is fully aware of it. Who knew?

Well, I’d say a LOT of folks knew. It’s a conspiracy among people who have waged the teenage wars and lived through them. They are a silent bunch. I get it. It’s all about propagation of the species. If people really knew what it was like to have teens, they would not have babies. So …. keep this post a secret and I’ll delete it and deny it if you come back to me when your kids are 16.

You finally get your kids to the age where you can safely leave them alone and go have dinner or make out in the high school parking lot … and it’s great. And, when you come to count on that time together — ALONE — one of your kids screws up (not in a big way just enough to make you, as parents, want to check that behavior) and you’re stuck back at home for a couple of weeks. It’s the responsible thing to do. But, what if???? What if you have one kid that insists on doing everything the hard way? You’re stuck at home for weeks and weeks. Sure, it’s working for the kid – he’s getting it. (And, we did not once resort to duct taping his mouth.) In fact, he’s probably delighting in the knowledge that he’s ruined mom and dad’s date night(s).

God help us. Mike and I are TOTALLY and COMPLETELY out of sync right now. I know it won’t last, but sheesh. We headed out today for a fun, family picnic with the other Tae Kwon Do families. Ummm … none of us thought to ask the others if they knew where we were going. Lost in our home city. It was ugly. In fact, I’m up now typing this all out to dissipate my urge to put fire ants in bed with Mike. I love Mike, but I’m still kind of ticked off. A few fire ants might learn him … but I won’t do that. Mainly because I’d be the one cleaning up the mess and listening to the misery . . .

Here’s to a reconciliatory Sunday!

3 thoughts on “‘N Sync

  1. I know money is tight…but last summer Jay bought this GPS thing for a 100 dollars. Alexander named her Destiny (I can only think of Back to the Future and call her Density in my head). Anyway…she has been the best investment we have ever had not only fancy toy oh boy, but saves on marriage counseling….put her on your Christmas list or Birthday list…I can get you the brand we have but there are so many affordable ones out there.

  2. I totally know about a teenage son who insists on acting like a darn fool so that you have to put him on punishment and SURPRISE you’re on punishment with him. Once you’ve spread your wings a little bit it’s hard to clip them again . . . but I guess that’s parenthood.

    Don’t bother with the fire ants.

    Happy reconciling, that’s always the best part!

  3. Oh, we get askew of one another every now and then. Usually, it takes us a few days of feeling generally growly toward each other before we both *click* on what’s going on. Then we can at least just tolerate each other until we can get back on the same wavelength.

    I cannot imagine how it plays out w/ teens in the house. But I’m still totally in awe. And since everybody was SO darned *hush-hush* about the whole parenting-five thing (ok, just Jess and Andie, but still – they could have talked!), I’m not guessing it’s going to get any easier at any point soon. I’ve printed this out, so delete away, my friend. I. have. proof. 🙂

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