Memory Lane . . .

Do you ever forget to eat all day? You know how you suddenly find yourself with an excruciating headache and in a really foul mood? I do this way too often. I did it to myself yesterday. I hate the end of the school year. I have this urge to start multiple projects and kind of roam around getting a lot of nothing done while feeling overwhelmingly busy. It’s dumb. I know I do this, yet it always surprises me when I find myself looking at the guinea pigs and wondering how they’d taste grilled (KIDDING). Anyway, I finally figured it out yesterday afternoon and had started the water for a delicious bowl of ramen noodles when Tim walked into the house.

He was gray and clearly in pain. And, sucky mom that I am, I was kind of annoyed – no soup for me, ya know? He’d been playing football with some of the neighbor kids and took a tough tackle. His neck was weird, his arm was weird. I heard “neck” and started collecting my stuff for the ER. At this point, Tim was crying. Tim hasn’t really cried due to pain since he was about four, so I was kind of flipped out. I buttered a roll, gave Tim some ice packs and told the other kids not to burn the house down. “Lucky” for us, it was dinner time and the office was mostly empty. I haven’t had to drag anyone there for a while. All new staff and doctors. AND, instead of paper forms, they have you fill out your info right into their computer system – so smart.

Great doctor. She was quick, direct and really the perfect doctor for a miserable teenage boy. Lots of x-rays. Nothing broken – whew. The radiologist called today to let us know the x-rays had been double-checked and to let us know that Tim is fine, but he is going to be mighty sore for a week or so. They also suggested we stop him from playing tackle anything. Hmmm…do they make a body alarm for that?

So, it’s been a while, and it was kind of nostalgic to sit in the ol’ waiting room again. Did anyone else know there is a magazine titled “Garden and Gun?” Here’s a link. I’m not really opposed to either, just never thought to combine them in a magazine.

The nostalgia was made complete by the poor kid and his dad who were both hacking up a lung next to us. Short of drinking the hand sanitizer, I don’t think there’s a chance in hell we’re not all going to have whatever they had by the end of the weekend. (Don’t tell my mom, though, the boys are heading over to her house on Sunday and she’s weird about sick kids in her house. I respect that, but we could really use some kid-free time.)

Upside? They gave Tim some ibuprofen, new ice packs and the two of us hit Sonic for dinner. Tim was pretty miserable today, but he’s young and I’m sure will be back to full-speed in a couple more days.

5 thoughts on “Memory Lane . . .

  1. Poor boyo! “neck” and “weird” would send me into silent panic mode too. Glad (sounds so wrong) he’s just bruised and not broken.

    I’ve started carrying snacks FOR MYSELF in my purse. The shame of my scattered brain!

  2. I have never, even once, forgotten to eat. I eat through the flu. Seriously. I am always hungry. It’s like being a teenage boy in a kitchen for 40 years.

  3. Dang…all the Sonics went out of business down this way…they turned one into an A&W (Hate) and the one in Walmart I don't know what they did to because I avoid Walmart but it is gone.

    oh yeah, glad Tim's okay

  4. POOR BABY~!! (OK, big kid).. Glad everything is OK. Maybe you should put some almonds in your pocket. You know for the next time….

    Have a GREAT sunday..

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