Rebel Yell?

I’m not really a “yeller.” But … tonight, as I was making dinner (vegetable soup with homemade bread), I had my little kitchen “TV” turned on – it was almost time for the Simpson’s. Normally, I use the tv to watch dvd’s while I make soap or putter around avoiding the horrible “man-climate” in my house in the evenings. (I love them, I just don’t want to wrestle with them all the time.)

Anyway, the TV is old and only gets local channels and that really doesn’t matter. BUT, I had the news on and they did one of those “Is Your TV Ready For the Digital Transition?” things. I don’t really care and didn’t pay attention until I looked up at the screen to see GIANT letters that said “YOU ARE NOT IN COMPLIANCE.” Ummm…there are many things you can say to me that might put a “bump” in my day. But threaten me (in any way) with authority and I get ticked off. “Not in compliance?” Am I the only one that takes this as a threat? The wording REALLY bothered me. A lot. Obviously since I’m neglecting other important things (laundry, dishes, sleep) to type it all out for you. “NOT IN COMPLIANCE?” Hell, it makes me want to disconnect our Direct TV.

OK – it’s out of my system. I think. Sort of. Not in compliance, my ass. I’ll show “them.” (If anyone knows who “them’ is/are, let me know – it would probably be helpful.)

4 thoughts on “Rebel Yell?

  1. That would be the federal government with there damn digital conversion. Don’t get me started on how awful that converter box things is or how the program for the “coupon” is already out of money. Or how you need one for EACH tv in your house….

    *deep breath*

    I’m fine. GRRRRRR……

  2. Yeah! Everything Bobbi said.

    I hate those commercials too . . . also I think there’s some sort of conspiracy regarding that whole DTV thing . . . but I won’t show my crazy right out loud on your blog . . . that’s reserved for my own, LOL.

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