Mommy Dearest . . . revealed

Yes, it’s time again for our annual home school evaluation. We know our evaluators pretty well and we know that they know we are truly interested in educating our kids. But, every May, I feel like I have to account for the year. Philosophically, I’m opposed to any rules governing how a child is educated. I think the majority of parents do what is the very best for their child and that they would do that whether the state stepped in or not. BUT . . .

Every May I get panicky. Our evaluators are putting their teaching credentials on the line and what happens to them if Danny becomes a senior in high school and forgets how to read? (Not that I’m prone to exaggeration or over-thinking things.)

Yesterday afternoon, while Mike napped (I still cannot believe he took a real nap!), I started going through the boys’ work from this year. I just finished up. Let’s just say that if you’re a kid who’s going to be home-schooled, you definitely want the under-achiever mommy, not me. I’ve been moaning and groaning all year about what slackers my kids are. Ummmm . . . I take it back. 100-fold. My kids are not slackers – they just have a psycho mom. At the rate I’m working the older boys through high school, they can all graduate at 15 (don’t tell Danny, though, I still have plans for him!). Maybe I’ll have a grip on moderation by the time Andy hits middle school. Right?

I hope I haven’t ruined learning for them … I don’t think I have based on their current interests, but … A friend asked me recently if the boys get all “A’s.” I told her that “technically yes” they get A’s because if they don’t get something we are free to stick with it until they are working at A level. Even after 9 years of homeschooling, I struggle with this concept. But it’s true. We just don’t move on until they’ve mastered something – though, with high school work, I’m good with a strong “B” in certain subjects.

Ahhhh … I’m just looking forward to Wednesday. We’ll have a bit of math to finish up and the older boys have to finish their science classes online. But, we’ll be free! As much as I love homeschooling, I really love our breaks. I have a big stack of books to read and new plans to develop for YEAR TEN.

I’m slowly moving the older boys to a classical reading plan where we will read books together and analyze them systematically (hard books). I’m so looking forward to this – I’ve been waiting all of these years. It’s going to be fun, I think.

4 thoughts on “Mommy Dearest . . . revealed

  1. Good luck with the evaluator. I’m sure she’ll be impressed with all the hard work you’ve put into your little homeschool. I’m an over-achieving super-anal Mom too. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to answer to someone besides my psycho self, LOL.

  2. Yeah, it’s the big ones I’d want to homeschool. All my Dead Poet’s Society fantasies come true, in my own house, without Robin Williams.

  3. I just spent my day ordering curriculum on line for Noah! OH, the things you can order when its shipped in the US. I have become PSYCHO mom! I am SURE your kids will do great! WOW, 10 years!!!!

    Oh, by the way you have a box on the way. I HAD a note to go into it, but Ian got tape happy.!

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