Free to good home(schooler) . . .

Our year is just about wrapped up … my part is officially done. Andy’s work is done. The evaluation is done. The older boys are tying up loose ends with their online science classes and history and Latin. Whew!

Let the cleaning and de-cluttering begin!!! I love this part of the end of the year. Filing everything and putting it in big brown envelopes and up into the attic. AND, it’s time to clear the bookshelves. In the past, I’ve either held onto school books for use with Andy or have sold them to earn money for the next year’s books. This year, it’s kind of bittersweet. I have a stack of books I know I’ll never use again. And, I already have the bulk of what I’ll need next year.

So, I just want to be rid of these books. If you can use them or if you know of a homeschooling family that can use them, send me an email ( they are yours (via media mail). I know I’ll have more in the coming days, so check back here for updates. These books are USED/well-loved. Some have curled edges. Some have pencil marks and doodles. But all are usable and FREE. They have served us well.

If you want details about a text, you can check out most of these books at Honestly, I don’t remember where I picked up some of these books – a quick google should help you out, though.

(1) The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (Official Revised, Version #2)

(1) Once Upon a Time, Saints by Ethel Pochocki – we all loved these books

(1) More Once Upon a Time Saints

(1) Trisms – Expansion of Civilization (2002 edition) + Answer Keys – this is the older version, but if you are looking for something thorough and are willing to put some time into it, I think it’s a great program for high-school kids.

(1) The Story of the World, Volume 2: The Middle Ages, Susan Wise Bauer

(1) The Story of the World, Volume 3: Early Modern Times, Susan Wise Bauer

(1) The Story of the World, Activity Book 3: Early Modern Times – this book is missing MANY coloring pages and maps, but the chapter questions and lists of supplemental reading are intact.

4 thoughts on “Free to good home(schooler) . . .

  1. OH OH OH OH OH!!!! (Imagine me jumping up and down like a maniac!!!)

    I would SO love the Story of the World ones. Any and all!!!!! We are listening to ancient times right now on CD and we love it.

    You have my email from the soap order, if they’re still available please let me know!

  2. Awesome!!! Thank you so much! I’ll be waiting with bated breath. Or I would be if I knew what ‘bated breath’ was. Next stop: Google! 😉

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