Come, Join my special circle.

That would be the special circle in Dante’s Hell. Specifically, it would be a kitchen and porch full of teenagers being themselves and a living room full Mike staring at hockey, basketball and rugby TV action.

I love having the kids’ friends here, I just don’t necessarily want to hear everything they say. Know what I mean, Dewd? They were playing Apples to Apples while I was cleaning up the kitchen. I had to stop and explain that Demi Moore was not a type of coffee. She’s an actress! You know Ghost? GI Jane? Ummm . . . married to Ashton Kutchner? Ahhhh now they know. She’s that nasty old chick. Waahhh.

I love Mike. I just think watching hockey when it’s 90 degrees outside is warped – and I say this even though the Penguins are doing so well. I think randomly floating between three games listening to no less than nine idiot announcers is insanity. So, I’m left whining at you and hiding out in the hot, buggy garage doing laundry. Fortunately (?) I have lotso laundry here to keep me occupied. Well, that’s really all I have to whine about right now … I’ll be back to post some thoughts on some books I’ve read the past few days.

The only thing keeping me from curling up into the fetal position under my bed right now is the thought of going to the beach tomorrow. Ahhhh. (And, seriously, how ridiculous am I to even bitch about any of this? I know. VERY.)

2 thoughts on “Come, Join my special circle.

  1. I am also hiding from the mega-sports marathon in my basement. But please, please don’t let the Penguins win or PL and I will be surrounded by Dante’s Inferno after Dad Windu gets upstairs.

  2. Thankfully the only sport that anyone watches around here is football, and that coincidentally always falls on Monday shopping night for me, so I don’t have to deal with it. I just leave raw meat on the counter and hit the door!

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