OK – so we didn’t camp or kayak, but if I had my druthers (does druthers need some kind of punctuation?) we would have. We spent a gorgeous day at the beach. The weather was perfect (hi 80’s), the water was less-than-frigid, I had a great book and a car load of food and snacks.

Mike and the boys hit the water as soon as we arrived and left me (mostly) blissfully alone to read and stare into the horizon. I love playing in the water, but only when I have contact lenses. I’m not big on wandering nearly sightless in the Atlantic. I’m currently out of contact lenses, so I suffered and read and snacked. Yes, I AM a giver.

Things of note from the day? Two girls near us on the beach, both reading diet books, both sporting an extra 30-40 lbs, both in bikinis and I wouldn’t put either one at a day over 17. And, I tend to be in the “give that girl a sandwich camp.” Initially, I thought “How nice they’re supporting each other.” Then the one girl picked up a giant breast of fried chicken (best Homer Simpson voice … Mmmmmm fried chicken) with a fork and proceeded to gnaw the chicken dangling from her fork until there was NOTHING left for even the hungriest of foragers.
They never got up except to complain about their chairs getting saggy and (we were close to them) they both spent the whole time texting with people who were NOT at the beach. It was sad and kind of creepy.

Next up, a family that was clearly not American taking a walk on the beach. How do I know they weren’t American? The men were wearing Speedo’s and were not overtly gay. These families were stunning. Mike and I even commented that our beach was being run-over by the beautiful people and it was just a matter of time until we weren’t allowed in any longer.

Just then, one of the moms took that moment to take her bikini bottoms off entirely to rinse them off in the surf. From Mike’s perspective this was not a bad thing – and I have to say the hour or so of silence it brought to my sons was worthwhile. But, it was not something you normally see in New Smyrna, FL. Color us international.

Finally, late in the day, we didn’t get to the beach until about 2 pm (now that the boys are older, going later and avoiding the 10-2 sun times makes sense), this poor guy came out to fish. Mostly everyone else had left the beach and I think that was his plan … to be alone. He didn’t count on the six of us watching and waiting. He had all the regular gear – the PVC pipe to hold the fishing pole, the net, the clippers, the cooler and whatever the heck else fishermen need. I dunno, he also had a book and a blanket. I think the fishing was a ruse to escape and read and just be at peace. Poor man, he caught a good-sized (7-9 lbs) fish right away. As we all sat gaping at him, it was clear he’d never fished a day in his life. That fish, once the poor guy figured out how to get the hook out of its mouth, smacked him upside the head til at least next Thursday. I’ve never seen a grown man get beat up by a tiny fish before. OUCH!!!! But, as we’re not a fishing family, his secrets are safe with us.

We got home to discover that our air conditioner isn’t working. This is akin to someone in Maine who suddenly has no heat or fireplace. It’s bad. Cross your fingers it’s nothing too too bad. We’re hitting critical mass on how many things can we ignore. The A/C really isn’t something we can ignore. And, if you’re bored and rich, send money.

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  1. No AC! What a travesty!

    The one time we came home and discovered there was no AC, we immediately packed up and went to my Mom’s house and proceeded to call every single emergency heating (what’s that) and AC repair company within a 100 mile radius.

    We refused to even set foot in that house until we had a certified repair person with us.

    It’s too darn hot.

    Talk about your cruel and unusual punishment.

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