It’s clean!!!!!

Sorry to disappear but, you know how it goes . . . you start cleaning one thing and that just makes the all the rest looks filthy so you have to clean that too? And it goes on and on and on? Well, that’s where I’ve been. And, now it’s all cleaned out. I think. As clean as it’s going to get, anyway. And, I’m back regale you all with tales of my exciting life.

Right after this commercial message. Below are a few things I’m selling and a few things I’m still giving away. First come first served. A quick Google will give you any details you need about the various books. I will have these up until Monday afternoon, then I will move anything left to the homeschool message boards. (And, if you really want something I’m selling and are short on cash, just email me. We’ll work something out.)

FOR SALE (paypal address

Math-U-See PreAlgebra – DVD (2) and Teacher Manual – $40 postage paid

Math-U-See Algebra I – DVD (2), Honors Booklet, Test Booklet (with erasures on tests 1-5), and Teacher Manual $50 postage paid

Trisms – Age of Revolution – Modern world history from 1850-2005. Can be used as a 1 or 2 year program. Includes 1st (1850-1920) and 2nd (1930-2005) Student and Teacher books (four hefty books in all). Additionally included are blank worksheets, maps, quizzes and tests for each unit. The set is definitely used with random pencil marks and some notes in the margins (mostly in pencil). The 2nd semester Teacher Edition was involved in a tragic Diet Coke accident and there are scars – but it is completely usuable. All three of my older boys enjoyed Trisms, this sequence in particular. We no issues with all three boys sharing these books. I found it perfect to add to and subtract from depending on our own particular needs. $180 postage paid

ARTistic Pursuits – Color & Composition – Senior High Book 2 – We all really liked using this book. The variety held the boys interest as did the subject matter. I would not recommend this book for an average artist younger than 13-14. If you have a middle-school-aged child who is an avid, interested, active artist, go for it! $24.00 postage paid.


(1) The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (Official Revised, Version #2)

(1) Once Upon a Time, Saints by Ethel Pochocki – we all loved these books

(1) More Once Upon a Time Saints

(1) Trisms – Expansion of Civilization (2002 edition) + Answer Keys – this is the older version, but if you are looking for something thorough and are willing to put some time into it, I think it’s a great program for high-school kids.

(1) Great Studio Projects in ART HISTORY (revised) – This is a nice soft cover book to have on had for rainy days and/or during “blah” periods in your history studies. Older elementary kids do well with lots of instruction. Motivated middle and high school do fine working independently.

5 thoughts on “It’s clean!!!!!

  1. Hi,

    I emailed you but it came back so can you email me at I would love to have once upon a saint and more once upon a saint. I am happy to pay for postage and I live in Jacksonville FL.
    Thanks and God bless.

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