Finally … what to do with a summer . . .

We’re lucky. The kids and I have nearly two full months ahead of us, unplanned. BUT, it’s not like when they were little and happy to go to the zoo for a morning or the park to play for a few hours. Most likely, Danny will be working most days. But that leaves the rest of us. I’m figuring on lots of beach days and springs days . . . and then? It’s up to them. I’ve found in past years that if I let them get bored enough, they come up with some great ways to entertain themselves. I’m hoping this year is no exception.

They all have “reading lists” to get them thinking and, more often than not, they’ll read the books and find themselves surprised that they liked them. But, summer is summer. I will not be a harpie (even if I am the Queen of Harpies) and I will not stand guard and make them read (though I think endless reading is the perfect summer). Additionally, I will not be the constant tour guide trying to make their summer fun and interesting.

I think this will be the hardest for Andy this summer. His best friends are all in a variety of summer camps throughout the summer. They’ll be bowling, going to the movies, putt-putt golfing, hitting theme parks and water parks and generally doing a lot more than Andy will be doing. We’ll just call this Andy’s-wake-up-call summer. The other boys lived through their friends doing all the cool stuff all summer and Andy will too. Part of me wishes I could send Andy to camp with his friends, but a bigger part of me says no. Ugh.

But, I DO wish I could think of one really cool thing to do that all the boys would love and remember. It’s early, I’ll come up with something.

2 thoughts on “Finally … what to do with a summer . . .

  1. I'm going to drag my kids into campsite full of hippies for a week. You guys could come up, too, and your boys could try to preach the Rand…:O)

    Your summer sounds perfect. I let my kids get involved with a play b/c it was free and now I”m kicking myself.

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