Let’s get the books out of the way first . . .

I started I Am the Messenger, but kind of hated it. I had a hard time believing the author of The Book Thief wrote this book. I’m going to come back to it. Sometimes a good book is just a matter of timing. Next, I tried Waterland – the description was intriguing – the book, ehhh … again, I’ve set it aside for now, maybe I’ll like it better in a few months. For now, I didn’t like either of these books.

Not to be book-less, I started We The Living by Ayn Rand (yes, I’ve been on a kick, but you’re safe, she’s dead and I’ve read everything she’s written). This was her first novel and, like her other books, I’ve been hit by how compelling it is given how old this book is and how current it remains given the times we’re living in (I’m sure lots of you disagree, but . . . you’re not going to change my mind and I’m not trying to change yours). What struck me while reading this book was how interesting it would be if you were homeschooling some older teenagers and to have them read The Jungle and then We the Living. Both books, imo, were heartbreaking – people in hopeless situations that just kept getting worse and worse – and both books failed to supply a remedy that works.

Next up, my neighbor passed on The Time Traveler’s Wife. I have to be up front. I hate time-travel anything. It confuses and upsets me. The Terminator movie and all it’s incarnations make me insane. There are just too many variables and too many things that allow my brain to wander off thinking about the “what ifs” to allow me to focus on the plot. This book was no different – I struggled with some of the concepts. I’m ready to argue a few. But, overall, it was a sweet love story and it even made me weepy in parts. I just hope no one tries to make this strange little book a movie – it’ll never make sense.

3 thoughts on “Let’s get the books out of the way first . . .

  1. You've inspired me to read some Ayn Rand this summer. DH has been after me for years, so he's happy. πŸ™‚

    And bad news about Time Travelers Wife – the movie opens in August.

  2. I'm reading Atlas Shrugged now. Scary stuff for me since I see it all happening NOW. Will read more of her stuff soon.

    I started a blog having to do with homeschooling to go along with the school. It's on Blogspot and it called homeschoolradical.

  3. I'm envious of all your reading. Between work and moving and Andrew, there just hasn't been any time. But I did sign up for a new library card yesterday, so hopefully this dry spell will all end soon!

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