Sleep deprivation makes me mean. There! I said it. I was mean, mean, mean when we all got up and got moving today. I was tired and feeling mean. The boys are familiar with me being “pissy” but “pissy” is NOT mean. Today I was mean. And, the boys’ poor friend . . . until today, I was the goofy mom that wears overalls a lot and doesn’t care if you make a mess. Poor friend, he saw a whole new side of me today. This whole lack of sleep thing is becoming an issue. I’ve never needed a lot of sleep. But, even I need more than two hours at a stretch.

But, we were packed up and we went to the beach, dammit. And, lo and behold we had fun (not enough fun that I took pictures, but fun nonetheless). It was hot and windless, but the water was perfectly cool and refreshing. The boys were in the water nearly the whole time (sure, they might have been a little scared of me) and I read and hopped in and out of the water. No major issues. Just a nice, fun day.

Everyone is asleep right now. Mike is getting them up SUPER-early (think 4:15) to drive out to Titusville and see one of the last shuttle launches. Mike asked me to go a few times … I think he had me confused with someone else. I love Mike. I love the boys. I just HATE the early morning (unless I never went to bed at all). To make up for my suckiness, I have packed up their coolers with breakfast and lunch and brownies with caramel gooey stuff in the middle of them.

If things go well, I might get more than 2 hours sleep tonight. No reason for Mike to bang around in the kitchen early, early, early only to leave me with a full sink of dishes. No reason for Andy to hop onto our bed early (not early, early) to tell me about his dreams the night before. Which are fascinating – I lied, they’re not fascinating. No reason for any of the older boys to speak to me at all.

Here’s to a silent morning and a good night’s sleep! I really would like to be a nice person again.

2 thoughts on “Mean!!!

  1. Too bad the shuttle did not go up! Did they go out there before they knew? Still makes for a nice quiet day alone if they did!

  2. Have you tried Ambien for your insomnia issues? I haven't tried it, but my Mom uses it for her semi-regular insomnia. It saved all of our lives because when she was missing her sleep, she was not nice. Not nice mixed with just-plain-crazy is not a good combination.

    Happy resting!

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