Send Tums . . .

I’m up with heartburn. But, it’s the good kind of heartburn. The kind you get when you eat an amazing dinner and top it off with a monster chocolate cake. Mike came home early tonight. He and the boys made amazing shish kabobs – spicy shrimp, peppery-steak, mushrooms, peppers, onions, new potatoes, pineapple and some really hot peppers. One of Andy’s friends stayed for dinner – I was glad; Ian’s at Scout camp and it feels weird not to have at least four kids at the table.

AND! Mike got me a birthday present. We don’t usually do gifts (well, nothing more than $20) for each other ever. I now have an I-Pod. I’m so excited. I can putter around and listen to audio books or music that I’ve actually chosen. I’m kind of freaked out that he spent the money, but I’m really excited. It’s shiny and green. Dan promised to give me a tutorial tomorrow.

My mom is going to take me out for lunch and a pedicure (pedicures kind of freak me out – I’ve only ever had one) later in the week. Like a grown up. Cool, huh?

That’s me in the picture. See how young I look – it’s as young as I’ll ever be, right? Nice overalls, huh? It was a formal affair.

3 thoughts on “Send Tums . . .

  1. All that spicy food and happiness would certainly give me a case of the “good” heartburn. Sounds like you had a great day. I have an old ipod video . . . it's out of date now, but I still LOVE it. It's an easily addictive companion. Have fun using it!

  2. Beautiful cake. Made me drool on my keyboard.

    I'll be baking a cake for Lyssa tomorrow.

    ::sniff::: my baby will be 16.

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