I’m bored . . .

Really. I am. I HATE when my kids say this to me, but here I am. Bored completely out of my mind. And, unlike my kids, I would be totally happy to sit on my floor and play jacks for hours on end or to go sit in the treehouse (with a lot of bug spray) and read the day away. But … no. I get to keep doing the dishes, the laundry, making the meals, doing more dishes, you get it. My life by no means sucks, but sometimes, I hit a wall and am completely stifled by boredom.

I am a person who needs to be doing something with a purpose. Lately, unless clean underpants for the gang counts as a purpose, I’m lost. I feel like I should say that I am grateful to be able to be home with my kids. I am grateful, but it’s not a gift I received. Mike and I work very hard for me to be able to be home and so that we can live on one salary. I know everyone isn’t in that situation, but, for us, it’s worked out. Now, let’s get back to me, me, me.

So about me … what to do with myself? Normally, this time of year I’d be planning homeschool stuff and poring over the various catalogs. This year, eh. I know what works for us, I have most of it. Danny will be dual-enrolling at the local community college (Calculus and Physics), Ian and Tim will be tortured for another year of more-of-the-same. Andy? He’s so easy, it’s scary. So, homeschooling planning isn’t really my thing this year.

This afternoon, I turned off the tv and deleted a bunch of my “quick” links on the computer. Me and 24-hour news is not a good combination. But, honestly, what the hell is going on in our country? I get having nothing and being poor, but this approach of penalizing anyone with anything makes no sense to me. I liked this letter that I heard about on another blog. This woman articulates everything I’ve been thinking. But, enough is enough. I cannot watch this stuff all day and all night. I freak out when one of the kids doesn’t own up to the dirty towel on the floor – you can imagine my reaction to our government lately. In a fit of activity, I actually unenrolled myself from any established party on my voter card. I despise them all equally.

Oh, right, back to me finding something to do with myself … you can see how me not having something specific to do could get ugly . . .

Anyone interested in a “novel” challenge – 50,000 words from July 1 to August 31? We can work out the details if there is interest. Or, is anyone interested in my coming and repainting your whole house (my color choices)? Or send me a puppy? Something … I need something to do that isn’t dishes or laundry or cleaning or managing teenaged boys. Did I mention it should be a free something? Free is good.

10 thoughts on “I’m bored . . .

  1. Uh. Paint my house? Rearrange my life? Help me simplify and declutter and somehow get to the nitty gritty of what is really important to me?

    I'm whining that this is all too hard right now. I can't even pick colors. So yeah, your choice.

  2. You can paint my whole entire house in your choice of lovely colors, and I'll even do you one better, it's a rental, so in 18 months, you can come and repaint it all white again. 😉

    I was bored a few weeks ago. Now we have 6 house guests . . . so I'm waiting for bored to come back around any minute now.

  3. You can come paint my house! Or I'll send you my puppy. He's 50 pounds of FUN!


    Boredom busters for adults…I'll have to muse on that awhile. I'll let you know if I come up with anything brilliant and free!

  4. The novel challenge – are we reading or writing? I signed up to read Infinite Jest this summer, but it's turning out to be a really weird read. Have you read it?

  5. Excellent! I wish you all lived close by – I'd totally come paint. AND a puppy too? Beckie, I haven't read Infinite Jest. I'll look for it at the library today.

  6. I read that letter and watched the show where he read it on the air. Too bad there are too few people who watch the show or read the blog to make the kind of difference that we need NOW!

    Calculus for DE? Pretty impressive! Most kids do not get those kinds of scores on the CPT-I!

  7. OK, I am starting to get worried.. Did you get your seasons of 24 back yet? I HOPE SO!!!! Please let me know…

    Why don't you fly to Japan and find me a house then you can paint it…

  8. Pick me! Pick me! I've got a project for you! Finish taking up all of the old flooring, and then install laminate. Also, put everything back in the new cabinets. And, while this is going on, cook meals for all of us without use of a stove, bearing in mind that you can't use gluten, dairy, or foods that contain a lot of tannin (hint: soy contains tannins). And remember that none of the kitchen lights currently have switches, so you have to screw the lightbulbs in and out or else twirl the wires together correctly — extra fun!

  9. Sabrina – I'm so sorry – YES we got our amazing box of goodies from Japan! I was sure I had emailed you about it. You are awesome. Let me know when you guys are ready for seasons 4, 5, and 6! I have them ready. And, sure, I'll come to Japan too.

    Gail – you sound like you need the most help. Can I just do house stuff and no cooking? Cooking for multiple allergies is absolutely the worst, most frustrating thing in the world.

  10. Sure! You don't know me, but I read and like your blog, so that is knowing me right? In today's world? You can paint, your colours, you can tile me a–make that two–bathrooms, you can declutter (I bet that is easy with someone else's stuff, even I could do that!!) You can mow the lawn!
    Seriously, I like the idea of the novel challenge since you probably told your kids not to go to the homes of strangers, particularly those you meet on the internet!

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