Road Trip?

We’re all restless here (in case you hadn’t noticed). We’re talking about taking a road trip to visit my sister and “the cousins” in Raleigh (consider yourself warned Lynne) and then detouring for a camping trip to the Outer Banks and then heading home. Mike cannot take that kind of time off, so it would be just me and the boys. I think it would be fun and it’s one of the last chances we’ll have to do this as they’ll all be working and going to school and *sniff* trying to leave me soon.

What are your best travel-cheap tricks? We usually ‘rent’ books-on-tape, pack a few coolers with drinks and snacks, camp if we can and (shhh don’t tell ’em) my kids still believe that souvenir is the French word for pictures. Other thoughts? Has anyone camped on the Outer Banks and found a place they really loved? (Tent camping that is.) We had a great vacation a few years ago camping on Ocracoke Island, but I’m hoping to not have to drive that far down if we can avoid it.

Anything you have to throw at us would be great! We’re thinking August, maybe.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip?

  1. I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. You WANT to sleep in a tent? On purpose? Is your house getting fumigated?

    I'm sorry. I can't help you . . . I think you must be typing in tongues or something . . . I can't compute this in my addicted-to-modern-conveniences brain.

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