Sleep!!!! And other random tidbits . . .

Thanks to a friend on an email loop I belong to, I figured out the insomnia, twitchy legs thing! Finally – it was getting ugly here. Iron and magnesium are my new friends. Two days of adding/upping those and I actually slept for six hours last night. It was amazing to wake up and feel like a human being this morning! I’m actually looking forward to climbing into bed soon and sleeping – for more than 1-2 hours. Good stuff.

Today I cleaned. Why is it my dog is not bald? Seriously, I could build two dogs from the hair I find floating throughout the house. And this is every single day. If I ate dog food everyday, would I be able to regenerate my hair overnight? I think I may have the cure for baldness here. Anyone willing to test it out for me?

I’m brand new to the land of I-Pod. It’s making the boys insane that I have put nothing on my little green machine yet, but it’s all so overwhelming. Do any of you have experience with Librivox? Pod Casts? Music you cannot live without? Please share the good, the bad and the ugly.

4 thoughts on “Sleep!!!! And other random tidbits . . .

  1. So glad you got some shut eye!

    Now onto Itunes. Just spend some time at the Itunes store. If you load itunes it will be there. DON'T authorize one click!! That allows you to bypass the “are you sure you want to buy this please put in your password” which is important to leave on IMHO when you have K I D S.

    But if you click the itunes store in the left hand menu then visit the search bar and type in Librivox bunches will come up as podcasts! Just “subscribe” to what ever you want you have an option to download all the episodes which is what I usually do. After they are downloaded I create a playlist specific to that librivox podcast. Then load it on my ipod and play that playlist (this allows it to play the entire list of tracks without me hitting play for each one).

    I have several regular podcasts one of which is classics for kids. That one we can't do without.

    I just started loading my cd collection into Itunes. I had already loaded my favorites. (Just click import CD after itunes recognizes it)

    Hope that helps!!

  2. Everything Bobbi said and don't forget to get a subscription to . . . LOVE their audio book selection. It's shamefully addictive and you'll never want to live in silence again. I LOVE my ipod and audio books.

  3. At our house the iPod has the tunes you'd need to practice Irish Dance (except Humors of Bandon, as there is controversy over what tempo to download) and the Jonas Brothers.

    Are you telling me there are other options? There's a world out there that doesn't revolve around ID and Jonas? Really?

  4. I have several podcasts that make me laugh so hard milk I drank in grade school comes out of my nose. But they're kinda lefty. Still, hilarious–The Bugle, a podcast by John Oliver of The Daily Show and another British dude named Andy Zaltzman. They certainly ream everyone, no Air America here, but the lefty cast is certainly there.

    Also, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, the NPR news quiz always makes me guffaw. Car Talk is much beloved by all.

    I also listen to one called You Look Nice Today that is really really funny, but very odd.

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