Happy Mistake

We’ve been going stir-crazy here. It’s been hot. Doh! It’s Florida. But it hasn’t been Florida hot, it’s been desert hot. No wind, no rain, just unrelenting heat. We’re not really set up to deal with that here. Today, we woke to a breeze and semi-cloudy skies. A break!!!! We headed to Wekiva Springs. It was still 97 when we pulled into the park, but it was a Florida 97, not an Arizona 97. I love Wekiva Springs – it’s shady and cool and not usually crowded. We left after lunch in a effort to avoid the worst of the sun. I do love that the older boys totally do not mind being seen with me on these outings. Sure, they ignore me while we’re there – well, sort of, actually they don’t ignore me too much. They seem to have fun with Andy and they keep track of him. I don’t know, sometimes I surprised – I thought I would have snarkier teens. After today’s outing, I feel really lucky.

We were nearly to the park when I realized I was book-less. Gah! The whole point is for the kids to swim and leave me to read and study people. Without a book in hand, studying people becomes gawking. I stopped. I was annoyed with myself for not having a book – I have stacks of unread books here at home. I sucked it up and paid $10 for a brand new book. Happy Mistake! I picked up The Likeness by Tana French. I read her first book last year while at the beach. (In the Woods). I enjoyed the first book just fine as a beach read with some substance. The Likeness, I have to tell you, I loved it! It’s thought-provoking, well-written, and I recommend it to just about anyone! I finished it in a day. This is one book I would really love to see made into a movie. It could be great. I finished it around midnight and it was all I could do not to go wake someone up and make them read this book. I am happy I forgot my book today and happened upon this book. Good stuff.

I-Pod issues. I heart my I-Pod. The boys are really teaching me the ins and outs. My first act was to download (with my new Audible.com subscription) Pillars of the Earth. This is one of my favorite books ever and I’ve been wanting to reread it. Now, I’m listening to it. Great reader. I’m loving it. But, at some point a person as to stop painting chairs and doing laundry and maybe go to bed. Or do they? The past week or so, I’ve been testing those limits. I’m thinking sleep might win a little. If I could only figure out how to read one book while listening to another, I’d be much happier.

Anyone else counting the days until the new Harry Potter movie?

3 thoughts on “Happy Mistake

  1. Yeah! for Audible.com; isn't it just wonderful? PL and DW are both listening to Eragon (again) on their iPods.

    Have you found the iTunesU section? It's heaven on earth to me.

    And yes, we're counting the days too.

  2. Just finished Atlas Shrugged. Wow! After that I read something so nice and breezy that my mind could rest! On to the next Sookie Stackhouse book! I've been watching True Blood on DVD, but now it is season two. My daughter and SIL have recorded the new ones but there is NO WAY we will watch it with them! It is HBO after all! 😉

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