Random is as random does

When’s the last time you thought about Lyndon Johnson? Nixon is the first president I have any real memory of, so I don’t give LBJ a lot of thought. That is, until I heard this:

LBJ pants

It is a White House recording of LBJ ordering some new summer pants for himself. I promise it’s worth a listen. I’m giggling just typing about it. If you have young kids running around, use headphones – there’s some language you might not want to have to explain at the next play group.

I said it when I was eight and I’m still saying it. Boys are weird. They really are. When we went to Wekiva Springs last week, Ian had a couple of pictures left on the disposable underwater camera he’d taken to camp the week before. And he had a plan for the remaining two exposures. Tim actually took the picture. I’m seeing a career with National Geographic in his future. He calls this photo – Moses Meets the Springs. I’m so proud.

Ian is gearing up for his annual 4th of July Magic Show. This generally involves lots of visits to the thrift stores around town in search of weird random “magical” items. Yesterday we went out to scavenge for stage lighting. During our travels, I found a Target overstock comforter at GoodWill. It was in its original packaging, it matched our bedroom and it was $40. This is it. I’m bummed, I thought the shams were in the package, but it looks like I’ll have to make those. But the comforter is a nice change from our tame pastel quilt. I think. I’m still undecided.

So there’s the random stuff here for the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Random is as random does

  1. Your goodwill is so well, GOOD. Still on my list of things to do is to pay your boys to babysit while I thrift to my hearts content.

  2. I have some random things in my brain this morning (haven't updated my blog yet) but I have to admit I've never considered LBJ's pants and what was in them. You've enlightened me. Thank you.

    And I'm laughing even more at Moses meeting the springs… your family is hysterical.

    I wish I could come down and watch the magic show.

  3. Claire – let's figure out a day and we'll go!

    Ami – the boys have promised me GOOD video of this year's show. It's almost like being here – I could send up some mosquitoes if you want the full effect.

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